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PNW Components Releases Updated Loam Lever 0

The new Gen 2 Loam Lever is an updated classic with a bigger contact pad and more adjustability.

Seattle, Washington, November 15th, 2022 - PNW Components today releases the Loam Lever Gen 2, an updated version of their popular Loam Lever. The latest iteration of the Loam Lever receives an additional mounting position to the lever body, and an increased contact patch.  

Product Details

  • Fully CNC'd aluminum body and lever with sealed cartridge bearing and silicone thumb pad
  • Clamp Styles: Standard 22.2mm hinge clamp, SRAM MatchMaker X, Shimano I-SPEC II, Shimano I-SPEC EV
  • Weights: Lever only: 36 grams // 22.2mm clamp: 12 grams // SRAM MatchMaker X: 10 grams // Shimano I-SPEC EV: 10 grams // Shimano I-SPEC II: 6 grams
  • Colors: Blackout Black, Cement Grey, Fruit Snacks, Peanut Butter, Safety Orange, Seafoam Teal, Really Red
  • MSRP: $69 USD (clamp included) // +$5 to exchange 22.2mm clamp for any adapter at purchase // +$5 to include cable kit at purchase

Riders have been stoked on the Loam Lever but had two requests: a wider range of adjustment and a larger contact patch on the thumb. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we took this opportunity to give the Loam Lever a little refresh with meaningful upgrades without losing the features that make our Loam Lever one of the best dropper post levers available.


A larger, redesigned thumb pad makes the Loam Lever Gen 2 easier to actuate when you need to drop your seat in a hurry, and the silicone pad (fondly known as a “yoga mat for your thumb”) keeps things grippy, no matter the conditions. Three mounting points now provide increased spacing between each mounting position, giving riders 14mm of mounting adjustment compared to the original Loam Lever’s 6mm.

Weatherproof Detailing

Designed, developed, and proven in the unrelenting weather of the Pacific Northwest, the Loam Lever was built to last. A fully-sealed cartridge bearing and stainless steel hardware ensure this lever feels as smooth as the day you mounted it to your bike, ride after ride after ride.


Techy AF

Chiseled from a solid block of billet aluminum, the fully CNC'd body of the Loam Lever is the bit of engineered luxury your bike deserves. And with an even wider range of adjustment, the Loam Lever will play nice with a wide range of brake setups so you can keep your handlebars as tidy as you wish your workbench was.


Featuring a fully CNC’d aluminum body, sealed cartridge bearing, and stainless steel hardware, the Loam Lever Gen 2 will stay smooth ride after ride, even in the harshest weather conditions.

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About PNW Components: Founded in 2015, PNW Components designs and manufactures industry leading components for the bicycling industry. PNW Components wants you to ride your bike and love it. #dobikes


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