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PNW Components Releases New Loam Carbon Handlebar 2

Delivering a new level of performance, PNW’s patent-pending CBD Layup process sets a new standard for what riders should expect from a carbon bar.

PNW Components, makers of industry-leading components backed by a lifetime warranty, today released their new Loam Carbon Handlebar. After extensive research and validation through in-house and third-party lab testing, PNW is proud to bring their first carbon product to market. Unsatisfied with the ride quality of carbon bars made with traditional layup processes, PNW engineers set out to implement a new manufacturing technique.


  • 800mm width
  • 35mm clamp diameter
  • 38mm or 25mm rise
  • Weight: 233g
  • Upsweep: 5°
  • Backsweep: 10°
  • 3rd party test lab certified as passing the most stringent global testing standard for bicycle equipment; EFBE’s Tri-Test® for MTB Gravity Category 5 - rated for e-bike and downhill riding.
  • Decal kit colors (sold separately for $5 USD): Safety Orange, Black Out Black, Moss Green, Moto Green, Pacific Blue, Fruit Snacks, Really Red, Seafoam Teal, and Peanut Butter
  • MSRP: $149 USD

PNW’s resulting patent-pending Compliant Bore Design (CBD) Layup allows engineers to optimize internal wall thickness with a unique internal bore shape. Utilizing EPS molding and FEA Analysis, the team was able to internally tune the bar’s ride characteristics while maintaining an aesthetically pure form. By experimenting with different internal wall shapes, textures, and thicknesses, PNW honed in and found the perfect blend of vertical compliance for a comfortable ride and enough horizontal stiffness for reliable handling. Based on their testing results, PNW is confident that, “unlike questionable gas station CBD gummies, the PNW CBD Layup actually works.”

PNW chose only top-shelf carbon fiber for the Loam Bar. The top-tier carbon manufacturer they partner with weaves their carbon fiber in-house on an as-needed basis, allowing them to choose the highest quality pre-preg UD carbon on the market. In their words, “Just like tequila, not all carbon fiber is created equal, and if you go for rail, you’re gonna have a bad time. PNW carbon is fresh, it’s fancy, and it won’t leave hands and wrists with a hangover.”


Staying true to PNW’s signature anti-fatigue geometry, as featured on their already loved Range Gen 3 Alloy Handlebar, the new Loam Carbon Bar features 5° upsweep and 10° backsweep. To further dial in rider fit, the Loam Carbon Bar is available with both 25mm and 38mm options.

“When we started this project, we knew we didn’t want to make another off-the-shelf, brand labeled carbon handlebar. As we enter the world of composites, our team is focused on delivering something truly new that will benefit riders. We are confident the Loam Bar will deliver your best ride feel yet, period. And at this price point both your wallet and wrists will thank you.” - Todd Ford, PNW Components Director of Product Management.

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