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Öhlins Racing Unveils Latest Lineup of Coil Options for MTB 7

New cartridge-based springs make it easy for riders to switch between coil and air springs on RXF38 and DH38.

15 April 2024, Upplands Väsby, Sweden: Öhlins Racing, a global leader in advanced suspension technology, announces today the launch of their latest innovations in the mountain bike segment – a lineup of all-new coil spring options for the brand’s RXF38 and DH38 forks, designed for riders seeking the ultimate balance of performance, comfort, and versatility in their front suspension.

RXF38 coil kit
RXF38 coil kit

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and engineered to meet the demands of the most challenging riding conditions, the Öhlins coil springs offer riders an unparalleled level of control and responsiveness on any terrain. 

“At Öhlins, our mission has always been to push the boundaries of suspension performance and provide riders with the game-changing technology they need to elevate their riding experience,” said Thomas Westfeldt, Senior Manager – MTB Business Unit at Öhlins Racing. “With the introduction of these new coil options, we’re delivering on that promise. We’re offering riders a seamless solution to achieve the smooth, consistent ride feel they crave, whether they’re tackling long technical descents or enjoying a session at the bike park.”

DH38 m.1 coil
DH38 m.1 coil

Key Features of the Öhlins MTB Coils

  • Plush Coil-Sprung Performance: Riders can adapt the performance of their forks to suit riding scenarios where smooth, more linear performance is preferred. 
  • Outstanding Durability: Built to withstand even the toughest conditions, Öhlins’ coil springs offer exceptional durability and temperature resistance, ensuring reliable performance from start to finish. 
  • Improved Small Bump Sensitivity: Optimized coil springs enhance small bump sensitivity, allowing riders to maintain traction and control over rough terrain for a more enjoyable riding experience. 
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with their RXF38 and DH38 front forks, Öhlins’ cartridge-based springs allow riders to effortlessly switch between coil and air springs to suit their riding style, giving them “two forks in one”.

In addition to being sold as separate kits that fit all previous RXF38 and DH38 fork models, Öhlins’ new MTB coil options will be available in complete coil versions of the RXF38 m.2 and DH38 m.1 forks.

RXF38 m.2 coil
RXF38 m.2 coil

“We’re proud to offer riders the flexibility to tailor their front suspension to meet their unique riding needs”, added Thomas Westfeldt. “Whether you prefer the smooth, supple feel of a coil spring or the progressive performance of an air spring, our MTB coil solutions provide the versatility you need to maximize your riding potential.”


  • DH38 m.1 Coil TTX18 29''/27.5''/200 – 1675 USD/1689 EUR
  • RXF38 m.2 Coil TTX18 29''/44 offset/170 – 1395 USD/1407 EUR
  • Complete Coil Kit (excluding springs) – 180 USD/182 EUR
  • Springs – 58 USD/59 EUR

*prices are excluding local VAT

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