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New Urrun: Expand Your Horizons

Urrun is an ebike to take you far and explore distant horizons, but the name holds more significance to us.

Urrun means "far" in Basque. There's no doubt that Urrun is an electric bike designed to take you far and explore distant horizons, but the name has even more meaning for Orbea. Urrun captures Orbea's long history and the distance it has taken the brand. Thanks to the bike's new technologies and innovative integration, Orbea is proud to introduce the new Urrun to the family. Escape, enjoy more adventures and go further. No more excuses. What makes Urrun unique?

1. Rider Synergy: one bike, two personalities

Urrun features the same EP RS Gen2 Mountain Control motor, which is racking up great reviews on the new Rise. Its thoughtful balance between simplicity, power and weight provides the most natural and flexible assistance, with the greatest autonomy in its category, to face the most epic adventures.

RS Gen 2 incorporates two new assistance modes to deliver more fun for longer. Additionally, the latest technologies in electronics, batteries and communication protocols raise the motor torque limit to 85 Nm, the same as full-power motors.

Urrun has two preset modes:

  • RS mode. This position maximizes autonomy, providing more natural and flexible assistance, in a cadence range where your body performs its best.
  • RS+ mode. This position provides more power at a lower cadence, up to a maximum torque of 85 Nm. It offers natural pedaling on technical sections, complex climbs or simply when you want a little more assistance.

If you want to adjust the power delivery, you can configure each mode through the Shimano e-Tube mobile app.

Shimano EP motors have the most precise sensors and the fastest monitoring capabilities. This is key. RS Gen2 firmware uses these features to replicate your effort more accurately than before. Which means that when you put in more effort, Urrun responds instantly with more power, contributing to a light, natural feel. Assistance is gentle yet immediate.

This quick response also allows you to instantly reduce assistance when it isn't needed, saving battery and increasing autonomy.

2. 630 Wh provides maximum autonomy

Of course, autonomy is closely linked to batteries. Urrun uses the latest generation of 630 Wh batteries developed for Rise. Every new technology has been taken into account to create the lightest, smallest and most discreet battery, increasing its capacity by 16% without increasing its weight. This is the most energy-dense battery on the market. Simply put, riders can squeeze in more hours of pedaling without extra weight.

Urrun is compatible with our latest generation of Range Extenders—smaller than a water bottle, weighing only 1.1 kg. Our redesigned and improved Range Extender offers 210 Wh. Simply slide it into the bottle cage, plug it in and enjoy.

3. High performance design

The new Urrun frame is key to its personality, providing some flexibility to increase comfort and allow the bike to track better on terrain, especially at speed. Each tube has been calibrated for precise stability to offer the most fun and agility as possible and to reduce vibrations that contribute to fatigue on long rides.

The redesigned rear triangle now offers greater flex for impact absorption, resulting in a frame that overcomes steep sections at greater speed, with more control and energy conservation on long rides.

Urrun is designed around a 120 mm fork. Its geometry has been carefully studied to maximize control and make it a fun, easy bike for anyone to steer.

The angled top tube, steeper head angle and longer reach add stability on faster, bumpier stretches or downhill trails. A shorter seat tube now allows for longer dropper posts, making the bike easier to control on descents but also easier to master with fully loaded panniers. In line with the rest of Orbea's mountain bikes, Urrun is available in four sizes, covering a wide range of heights.

The most advanced manufacturing techniques enable weight reduction and controlled flex. All tubes are double or triple butted, hydroformed and feature polished welds. Our SIC system also allows us to guide cables through the head tube to eliminate friction and noise, as well as giving Urrun a modern look, inherited from its cousin Laufey.

4. A world of possibilities

Urrun is versatile and adventurous. Choose to ride fast and without accessories, or add mudguards and saddlebags according to your adventures. Urrun incorporates an adapter for easier accessory assembly, and can be removed completely to have a cleaner aesthetic when used as a mountain bike — a reflection of the versatile and multifaceted nature of this bike.

Urrun is available in two colors: MATTE MAGNETIC BRONZE and GLOSS TANZANITE.

There are three Urrun models, two new and one carryover:

  • H10: The top-of-the-range model, intended for the most discerning riders.
  • H20: The most economical model in the Urrun 20–25 range with a great assembly at an affordable price.
  • H40: A carryover model that uses the first generation RS motor, the previous 540 Watt hour battery and the previous frame. We have kept this model to offer the most competitive price.

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