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Come onboard with Ronan Dunne for a full top-to-bottom POV.

Friday 31st May, 2024 - Red Bull Hardline has revealed its thrilling new course for the 10th Anniversary race from 1st – 2nd June  in Dinas Mawddwy, Mid Wales. Founded by Dan Atherton, the track exclusively features an entirely new, technically challenging top section, harsher conditions and fierce terrain in what is famed as the most-challenging downhill mountain bike race worldwide. Come on board with Red Bull Hardline Tasmania winner Ronan Dunne, as the Irish star puts in a hot lap during his build up to attempting the double.


With Saturday (1st) hosting the qualifying rounds followed by the final on Sunday (2nd), Wednesday morning’s track walk saw riders come face-to-face with a higher starting point, jagged bedrock and challenging rock rolls as the original start gate is passed. 

The initial right-hand berm has been repurposed into a take-off for a small step down, which takes advantage of the strikingly natural environment with a large off-camber slab landing. Entering the woods at a different point from previous years, riders then have to tackle an angry looking rock garden. The tree cover is shorter lived for 2024, with riders back out into the open once more via a right-hand berm. A long rock roll into a drop is the first major feature of the course.

Onto the most exposed part of the course and fully open to the Welsh elements, riders traverse across the edge of the mountain before heading down a double drop, with only a short, hard packed landing in the middle. A beautifully crafted catch berm quickly changes momentum to the right as riders head back towards the old course, rejoining in time to hit the on-off and 90ft doubles introduced in 2022.

Then it’s into the legendary feature of the road gap, before the final round of drops and the classic jumps of the finishing straight as the Red Bull finish arch comes into view.

Talking about how the course has progressed over the past decade Dan Atherton, Red Bull Hardline Founder said: “Hardline was a track we had ridden since around 2003. It didn't have jumps and was nowhere near what it is today, but it followed roughly the same footprint. After it became an event in 2014, it went from somewhere we dug and rode with mates to an annual gathering of some of the best riders in the world, but it's still been quite a gradual progression, so there was never really a point where we looked back and reflected on how much had changed until now."

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