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NEW OneUp EDC Tube Strap Mount and Inline Pump Mount

NEW OneUp EDC Tube Strap Mount and Inline Pump Mount
EDC is short for Every Day Carry. OneUp’s EDC line of tools, pumps and mounts are trailside essentials we carry on every ride. The OneUp EDC system helps eliminate the need for a backpack or hip pack.


A simple way to carry a tube without scuffing your frame.

EDC Tube Strap Mount 
The new EDC Tube Strap Mount is a neater way to attach a spare tube or other small items to your bike. It mounts to the accessory mounts found underneath the top tube on many frames. The strap mount includes a flexible rubber OneUp gear strap that securely holds gear in place, doesn’t absorb water and is easy to clean if it gets muddy. It’s way better than velcro.

$19.50 USD / $24.50 CAD / €19.50 EU /  £24.50 UK


Turns your accessory mount into a portable toolbox.

EDC Inline Pump Mount
The EDC Inline Pump Mount hides the mighty EDC Pump loaded with a V2 EDC Tool under your top tube. The molded plastic mount and thick rubber strap keep the EDC Pump securely in place. 

$19.50 USD / $24.50 CAD / €19.50 EU /  £24.50 UK


OneUp Components, Squamish, BC.


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