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New Burgtec Penthouse Flat MK5 B-Rage Edition Pedals 2

Brage X Burgtec Penthouse MK5, just a little more freeride.

Making Flat Pedals is our absolute favourite. It was the first product Burgtec ever made over 20 years ago and where the love started. The Brage Pedal was a new challenge, we thought we knew everything, but it turns out you can always learn more.


The way Brage rides pushed us to think about the product in new ways and how we could fine tune it just a little to give him everything he was looking for. The Freeride unicorn. Size or weight was unimportant, it didn't matter how those numbers stacked up he just needed the right tool for the job. Strength, grip and longevity were the only points on the agenda, and we understood the mission.

Brage's Perfect Pedal

The Penthouse Flat MK5 but bigger and burlier. Brage’s a man who knows what he wants; 2 meetings, 2 sketches, 1 prototype, a tiny bit of tuning, and bam, enter the new MK5 B-Rage Edition. 

Brage loved the width and q-factor of the original MK5 so insisted to keep the same dimensions thus not to get hung up or snagged on trail side debris. The B-Rage Edition adds an extra 12mm of length front to back, this gives a stomping 112mm x 102mm platform guaranteeing support for the biggest of hits. Centre pins weren't something we have done since the OG Penthouse MK1 20 years ago. Brage felt this larger platform needed extra support in the middle so we added a pad with 3 extra pins for even more grip. The more force you put through the pedal the more grip you're rewarded with. No limitations. 55ft Jah Drop approved.

Internally the pedal is configured in the exact same way as the MK5, so mud and water ingress are kept at bay while grease is kept in. Longevity is the cornerstone of all the products we make, and the MK5 B-Rage Edition keeps that tradition alive so that service intervals don't interrupt the send.

All the unmatched grip and longevity of the MK5, just a bit more Freeride. 


  • Weight: 513g (pair)
  • Platform Material: 7075 Alloy
  • Profile: 18mm
  • Platform: 112mm x 102mm  
  • Dish: 3mm (concave) 
  • Pin Material: Stainless Steel (11 per side)
  • Pin Width: 4mm 
  • Pin Height: 5mm 
  • Axle Material: EN24T Steel 
  • Internals: 2 x Igus W300 bushes, single sealed bearing and inboard rubber oil seal 
  • Colours: 9 available; Burgtec Black, Race Red, Deep Blue, Purple Rain, Kash Bronze, Iron Bro Orange, Rhodium Silver, Burgtec Bullion Gold, Toxic Barbie Pink
  • MSRP: £145.99, €170.00

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