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New Bluegrass Knee and Elbow Pads 1

Changing the guard.

Our riding experience is not just about the trails, the bike, the weather, or the company! It's also about feeling confident and free in every move we make. That's why the refined knee and elbow pads offer better comfort, perfect stability, and more protection. The new range of knee pads is based on two levels of protection: LEVEL 2 / TYPE B.  


Level 1 and Level 2 are certification grades based on the protector's energy dissipation performance. 3 impacts are required on each protector in the central and side areas. To get Level 2 certification the average result of those impacts should not exceed 20kN, ensuring a minimum of 40% improvement in energy dissipation compared to a Level 1.


Type A and Type B define the minimum impact-tested area of the protector, effectively indicating how much the pad safely covers the joint. Type B-certified protections provide 39% more coverage on knees.

AURA CORE KNEE - A powerful aura of protection
MSRP: 130€ | £130 | US$140

Designed for optimized movement and fit, featuring ceramic-printed fabric and Level 2 certified impact protection, Aura Core provides unrivaled comfort and peace of mind on the trails.


  • Ceramic printed fabric: Durable ceramic-printed fabric facilitating sliding in case of impact and reducing the energy transferred to the knee. Padded shin coverage against pedal hits.
  • Extended leg coverage and secure fit: Inner and outer side EVA padding extending leg coverage,  elastic protector holder keeping the pads securely in place in case of high-impact.
  • Breathable design: Rear breathable seamless mesh design to minimize back knee annoyance and rear silicon gripped panel to enhance stability.
  • Maximized stability and comfort: Long sleeve construction and refined textile design with minimal seams.
  • Slip-resistant grip: Extended elastic silicone gripper.
  • Optimized movement and fit: Featuring four-way stretch fabric

AURA KNEE - The lightest Level 2 Certified Kneepads
MSRP: 80€ | £80 | US$85

Whether you're a rider in need of minimalistic gear or a mountain biker transitioning to kneepads, this sleek solution ensures both safety and agility on the trails.

  • Stability and comfort: The extended sleeve design ensures ride-long stability, while its streamlined construction with minimal seams prioritizes comfort. 
  • Optimized movement and fit: Four-way stretch fabric delivering unparalleled freedom of movement and offering a snug second-skin fit.
  • Slip-resistant grip: Elastic silicone grippers at the top and calf. 
  • Breathable design: Rear breathable seamless mesh design and lightweight fabrics.

ARTO KNEE - Shortened size, amplified protection
MSRP: 90€ | £90 | US$95

With its half-calf construction, the Arto offers targeted protection for the kneecap without extra fabric layers. Crafted from breathable multi-layered fabric, the Arto facilitates airflow, making it also suitable for wear under long pants.

  • Half-calf construction: Shorter design compared to traditional kneepads, prioritizing airflow without compromising on essential kneecap coverage.  
  • Side protection: Inner and outer sides EVA padding, providing additional shielding against frame hits and extending leg coverage.
  • Stability and comfort:  Velcro strap strategically positioned to enhance stability without causing discomfort on the back of the knee while pedaling.  
  • Elastic band: Customized fit around the quadriceps thanks to the upper elastic band.  
  • Breathability: Multi-layered fabric featuring micro-perforations.

3STRAPS KNEE - A change in the guard
MSRP: 110€ | £110 | US$115

The 3Straps represent a shift in protective gear. Engineered to maximize adjustability and ease of wear, our innovative strap construction wraps around the knee, replacing rigid zips with a more flexible and comfortable solution.

  • 3straps construction: Our uniquely innovative 3Straps ergonomic design maximizes adjustability, wrapping around your leg to provide a customizable fit around the knee. With thin, strap fastenings, you can easily wear the kneepad without removing your shoes. The Velcro is highly adherent, preventing them from catching on your pants. 
  • Side and shin protection: Side and shin EVA padding. 
  • Stability and comfort: Extended sleeve design and elastic silicone gripper. Four-way stretchable fabric. 
  • Breathability: Rear breathable mesh to enhance airflow and minimize seams for optimal comfort.

AURA CORE ELBOW - Ergonomically designed around the elbow
MSRP: 110€ | £110 | US$120

Crafted to adapt seamlessly to arm movements, Aura Core MTB Elbow Pad boasts a lightweight design that remains discreet under your jersey. Engineered with ergonomic fabrics and construction, it provides optimal coverage while ensuring comfort and stability. Featuring Level 1 certified protection with Triple-Flex SAS-TEC technology, it offers advanced safeguarding without compromising flexibility.

  • Maximized stability and comfort: Long sleeve construction, refined textile design with minimal seams.
  • Optimized movement and fit: Four-way stretch fabric, slim enough to be worn under long sleeve jersey.
  • Extended arm coverage and secure fit: Inner and outer side EVA padding, elastic protector holder to keep the pads securely in place in case of high impact.
  • Breathable design: Rear breathable seamless mesh design, laser cut cuff to adapt to arm pumping.

AURA ELBOW - Elbow pads you won't feel wearing
MSRP: 70€ | £70 | US$75

The Aura MTB Elbow Pads boast a featherweight design, ensuring minimal bulkiness. With its simple yet high-quality construction, it offers a primary layer of protection without impeding your ride. Despite its slim profile, it's Level 1 certified thanks to Triple-Flex SAS-TEC technology, providing advanced defense in a very lightweight package.

  • Maximized stability and comfort: Extended sleeve construction and refined textile.
  • Optimized movement and fit: Four-way stretch fabric.
  • Breathable and ergonomic: Rear breathable seamless mesh, elastic gripped cuff to ensure stability.

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