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Mondraker Releases the Neat Unlimited Gulf Edition 1

The fusion of motor racing history and the latest in mountain bike tech.

In the world where speed meets nature’s untamed beauty, there exists a timeless tale of two legends, each carving their own path through history. Step back in time to the roaring ‘70s, where the Porsche 917 K reigned supreme on the racetracks, adorned in Gulf Oil’s vibrant colors like a work of art in motion. Drivers, fearless and fueled by passion, gripped the wheel tight as they danced with destiny on the asphalt, chasing glory with every thunderous roar of the engine.

Fast forward to the present day, where the Mondraker NEAT emerges as a modern marvel, blending cutting-edge technology with the spirit of adventure. Its electric heart pulses with energy as riders venture into the wild, navigating rugged trails with the precision of a virtuoso and the soul of a wanderer.

Two worlds collide, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation, past and future. Whether you’re drawn to the adrenaline-fueled excitement of the racetrack or the rush found in the mountain trails, there’s a common thread that binds us all: the pursuit of passion and the thrill of the journey.

So, whether you’re a seasoned petrolhead or a mountain biking enthusiast, heed the call of the open road and the winding trail. Embrace the spirit of adventure, and let the legends of the Porsche 917 K and the Mondraker NEAT inspire you to chase your dreams, wherever they may lead.

Back in the ‘70s an unmistakable light blue and orange car ruled supreme in endurance racing. The Gulf livery Porsche 917K blended an unreal level of performance with ethereal beauty to make something that’s been a fundamental part of motorsport history ever since. That, and its drivers were relentless, aggressive and fearless; they were born to race. That epoque made history, and it’s a heritage we’ve taken on through the technology and design of NEAT, and the legendary colours of the Gulf livery 917K.

The NEAT Unlimited Gulf Edition is here. TWO WORLDS COLLIDE.

The NEAT Unlimited Gulf Edition is here as the fusion of two parallel worlds: motorsport history and mountain bike passion. The advanced technology of NEAT, the minimalist lines of its frame and the support and power of the TQ motor, fused with the aggression and rebellion of 1970’s motorsport make this Gulf livery edition a collector’s item; a collector’s item which at least for the time being will be spending more of its time in the mud than in a museum.


The NEAT Unlimited Gulf Edition will be limited to a production run of just 50 worldwide. Each and every one individually numbered, complete with a presentation box containing a certificate of authenticity, colour-matched touch-up pens, a poster and a mesmerizing booklet which encompasses the passion of both brands, the heritage of Gulf motorsport and the livery which is now carried by this Mondraker NEAT. Based on the range-topping RR SL, the NEAT Unlimited Gulf Edition has a couple of things which make it even more exclusive. Its Fox 36 29 Float GRIP X2 Factory Kashima fork has been fitted with the all-new 2025 Grip X2 cartridge, and we’ve upgraded the brakes to SRAM Code Ultimate Stealth so you can leave your braking until later than ever before.


One by one. The same care, the same painstaking attention to detail. Here at Mondraker we know how to make limited-edition bikes with added value. Each of the 50 NEAT Unlimited Gulf Edition has been 100% hand-painted, individually, by specialist bike painters, lovingly integrating the spirit of the Gulf racing livery into the frame of the NEAT.

The gloss of the orange, contrasting perfectly with the matte light blue together with the detail of the number 20 painted on the top-tube. All paying homage to the 3 Porsche 917Ks still in existence, the 917s which ate up so many kilometres in endurance races such as the legendary “Le Mans”.

NEAT Unlimited Gulf Edition is the perfect link between tradition and innovation, between the past and the future. It doesn’t matter if you’re a petrol-head or a die-hard mountain biker; this limited edition is the bike for the rider looking for adrenaline and authenticity in equal measure.

Neat Unlimited Gulf Edition MSRP: $16,499.

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