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Magura Launches the GUSTAV PRO Disc Brake

A classic renewed.

Gustav, the founder of MAGURA, was a true thinker and innovator of his time. His constant drive for progress inspired a braking system that revolutionized the scene in the 90s: MAGURA´s first hydraulic disc brake for bicycles – the MAGURA GUSTAV M. Since then, the name GUSTAV has been reserved for products that achieve the pinnacle of innovation and performance advancement – and this new brake does exactly that!  With the new GUSTAV PRO, MAGURA presents a new disc brake for e-MTB use as well as for Gravity and SUV mountain bikes – and it’s so much more than just raw braking power!

Magura Gustav Pro Highlights

  • Field of application: E-MTB, Gravity, SUV
  • Weight: 348 g
  • Weight MDR-S: 180mm: 219 g / 203mm: 266 g
  • Number of pistons: 4
  • Brake master material: Carbotecture
  • Brake lever: PRO brake lever, aluminium
  • Brake caliper: one-piece forged, aluminium
  • Colour: anthracite / black
  • Brake pad: 13.S
  • Brake lever hose connection: EASY LINK
  • Hose connection Brake caliper: Rotatable banjo
  • Reach Adjust: tool-free
  • Clamp: integrated shiftmix option
  • MSRP Brake: 299,90 € (US TBD)
  • MSRP MDR-S: 55,00 € (US TBD)
  • MSRP 13.S: 24,90 € (US TBD)
  • Available on complete bikes and in the aftermarket from Q4/2024

Performance in the name

Any rider who is familiar with the MT7 knows that we really mean business when it comes to performance – and with this brake, we’ve taken it up a notch yet again! For more control, later-occurring braking points, and less hand and arm pumping. If truth be told, anyone can produce brakes that will stop light bikes – but this newest brainchild of ours will brake even the heaviest of bikes with the greatest of ease. MAGURA has now opened up a whole new vista of bicycle brakes with the GUSTAV PRO’s 2.5 mm thick rotors and 40% more pad volume. For consistent performance from the summit down into the valley!

Thanks to their mass, the rotors and pads heat up a lot less and stay in the sweet spot longer, where the brake can constantly give riders its best performance with the best possible friction values. Fading? This brake doesn’t even know what that is! When you pull on the lever blade, you’ll feel right away just how intuitive our brake is to operate. We’ve reduced the overall pressure level by enlarging the pistons to 12 mm in the brake master and 19 mm in the caliper, so less pressure is lost thanks to the spreading of the hose. This results in a well-defined bite point with outstanding modulation.

Despite its sheer power, the GUSTAV PRO offers a calm braking feel like no other brake can, giving riders the best possible degree of safety in every situation. Even under a full load, the rigid 2.5 mm rotors and the minimal heating of the system ensure vibration-free braking that’s particularly smooth. The GUSTAV PRO is also fully compatible with the Bosch eBike ABS.

More miles – less worries

No serious rider brakes just for fun! That’s why we’ve doubled the time interval until brake maintenance is needed.
Extra thick brake pads with 40% more volume and thick 2.5 mm rotors with a 2.1 mm wear limit will keep you away from the workshop for twice as long as usual. 
Wear plays a particularly important role with modern e-bikes. Their weight, power, and speed have placed new demands on brake systems – but the GUSTAV puts an end to annoyingly short maintenance intervals. And if you DO need to go to the workshop, a large air gap between the pad and the rotor, plus a new bleeding valve make many tasks a lot easier!

Installation with Ease!

With the innovative MAGURA EASY LINK technology, MAGURA offers a simple plug-and-play connection of the brake line: many riders who use MAGURA ABS components and the MAGURA Cockpit Integration will be familiar with this technology.

In the GUSTAV PRO, MAGURA has integrated its EASY LINK technology for the first time invisibly into the brake master of a disc brake – so you can now disconnect and connect your brake hose from and to the brake master at any time without special tools. This is a real game changer for initial installation and all maintenance work on the bike – not least with cumbersome headset cable routing.  EASY LINK will also be your best friend if the inevitable finally happens and you need to repair crash damage. Magura also offers EASY TUBE technology which makes it easier than ever to trim the brake hoses and re-create the connectors.

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