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Knolly Bikes Launches the Endorphin 6.0 12

Designed to fit a vast range of riders, the newest Endorphin accepts various wheel configurations with 135 or 150mm of travel and sets the tone for the next generation of Knolly bikes with a straight top tube and one-piece link.

The Endorphin is Knolly Bikes’ first model that sets the tone for their 6th Generation of bike models to be released in the next year. With a straight top tube design, Enduro bearings on all pivots, and a one-piece link driving the shock, this launch features massive updates, with over 80% of the bike being changed from the outgoing generation.

The all-new Endorphin is a versatile trail bike that can tackle any climb while still delivering plenty of fun on the descents. 
The all-new Endorphin is a versatile trail bike that can tackle any climb while still delivering plenty of fun on the descents. 

In addition, the Endorphin has been designed for fun-sized people ranging in height from 4’11-5’10. It was developed from the ground up to suit riders with smaller inseams, who are seeking a playful trail bike that isn’t gender specific. There is also a new size range that spans from x-small to a limited production of large frames, allowing the Endorphin to cater to a broad range of heights and riding needs. And riders can tune their fit and preference, with a choice between dual 27.5 or MX options.


  • Wheels: Full 27.5 or MX 29 (to fit a full range of riders)
  • Rear travel: 150mm (27.5) or 135mm (MX)
  • Fork: 160mm (27.5”) or 140mm (MX)
  • Straight top tube - better standover and improved aesthetics
  • Unified monoblock rocker link - working in collaboration with the lower swing link; increased rigidity and lessened lateral stresses on shock mount
  • Flat tooling bearing locations - makes servicing bearings easier
  • Size-specific chainstay length - creates a better balance bike and better fit for tall and short riders
  • SRAM UDH compatibility
  • Supports long dropper posts (175mm - 210mm in all frame sizes) for a wide range of inseam lengths
  • Mounts for tools (under the top tube)
  • Lower shock mount features 30mm axle to work with Fox Roller Bearing Shock hardware kits
  • Post Mount 180mm rear brake mounts
  • 157Trail rear end spacing- brings improved rear end stability


160mm fork // 27.5" wheels
140mm fork // mixed wheels

Fourby4 Suspension Design

Our patented Fourby4 suspension is designed to maximize rear shock performance and available traction in every situation, no matter how crazy things get. It reduces brake “squat” and enables your wheel to maintain contact with the ground to maximize your speed through the most challenging terrain. And our legendary pedalling traction ensures performance - even in the jank - so you can get on the gas when you need to eliminate another second off your time.



We feature 157Trail rear hub spacing which uses the wide flange 157 hubs with 73mm BB shells. This spacing provides the most options for tire size and can easily clear tire widths up to 2.6. With 157Trail, heel clearance is exceptional and chainring clearance remains huge at 36T.



Our patented offset straight seat tube design (OSD) allows our riders to transition effectively between a highly efficient pedaling position and the “attack position” required for aggressive riding. It enables the rider to drop the saddle on the downs and is critical in allowing maximum rear wheel travel while keeping the back wheel away from the seat tube under full compression. This design allows us to run 200+mm dropper posts because our seat tubes are straight and un-interrupted.


Pricing and Build Kits

  • Color ways: RAW, Sea Foam, Champagne
  • Full 27.5 Deore priced at $5599 CAD/$4199 USD
  • MX Deore priced at $5999 CAD/$4499 USD
  • MX XT priced at $7299CAD/$5499 USD

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