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Introducing the Formula Belva - a Dual-Crown Enduro Fork 2

This is the enduro fork we wanted, so we made it.

With bikes becoming more capable and e-bikes gaining in popularity, your suspension needs to work harder than ever. As engineers, we believe the best solution to building a stiffer, long-travel fork is by using a dual-crown design. Most fork flex occurs at the crown steerer unit (CSU), regardless of stanchion size. A dual-crown design avoids this - and the associated creaking - by centering the stiffness around the headtube.

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Belva Key Features

  • Dual-crown enduro fork
  • 170/180mm of travel
  • Single air spring
  • Designed for 29in wheels
  • 15x110mm axle
  • 43mm offset
  • Tapered steerer
  • Double-butted 35mm stanchions
  • Lightweight forged crowns
  • Weight: 2370 grams
  • MSRP - from 1850 EUR, 2150 CA$ (ex tax), 1590 GBP, US TBA

Absolute stiffness is not everything, though. Using our proven Selva lowers, the Belva can flex where it is most needed. With the dual crown and a direct mount stem, you can have laser sharp steering and confidence-inspiring stiffness, combined with trail-hugging traction and comfort. The Belva is not just a rebadged DH fork, it is an enduro-ready fork that is comparable in weight to a 38mm single-crown fork (2370 grams).

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Designed with custom forged crowns, lightweight 35mm stanchions, a 43mm offset, a lockout lever, tapered steerer and 15mm axle, the Belva goes uphill as well as it goes down. The dual crown design means that you can fine-tune your bar height, so you can add more travel to your bike, without spoiling the geometry. Also included are our unique Compression Tuning System (CTS) and Neopos technology. CTS allows you to make the same changes you would get at a professional suspension tuning centre in minutes, with everyday tools. Neopos not only lets you custom tune the end stroke, but helps calm the fork in the mid-stroke, and is as simple to install as a volume spacer.   


Standard: 170 / 180mm

Damping: Closed cartridge
Spring type: Air (single valve system)

Rebound: 18 clicks
Compression: 12 clicks
Compression Tuning System fitted
Neopos compatible

Axle to crown: 585 to 595 (@180mm)
Fork offset: 43mm

Wheel size: 29in
Axle: 15x110mm
Color: Black / Violet
Disc mount: PM6
Max rotor size: 220mm

Diameter (Ø): 35mm
Material: Double-butted aluminum

Formula Belva Action-02

It’s not all about facts and figures. A dual-crown fork not only stands out on the trails, it brings a sense of occasion to every ride. And the name? In Italian, the Belva is a mythical beast from Dante’s Divine Comedy. A fitting name for a fork built to devour trails.

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Formula 10-Year Support Promise

The Belva is covered by our 10-Year Support Promise. This is a promise to support all our products for at least ten years. Every product we make will have parts, spares and support available for at least ten years. This isn’t exclusive to new products, Formula products made after 2017 are also covered. All our products also come with a two-year transferable warranty. If you buy a used product that is less than two years old, we will honor that warranty.

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