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Handup Gloves Announces 4th Pabst Blue Ribbon Collaboration (Ebargoed for release until June 27th at 10am Eastern)

Cheers to another year of celebrating our favorite beer!

Since 2014, we've celebrated the post-ride parking lot beverage as much as the ride itself. So, we are excited to nod, yet again, to one of our ice cold cooler go-tos in a head-to-toe ride ready collection. This year, we worked along side the Pabst team to keep things more simple than normal (sometimes opting for the can art). It's hard to not love such an iconic logo!


We also care about what you look like off of the bike. Several of the pieces in this collection, especially the classic Can-Logo tech tee, is made to look as good on a trail as it does for a night out on the town.


Check out the full collection HERE


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