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FOX/Race Face Launch the All-New Mission and T3 Tailgate Pads

The new pads are available in three sizes with increased adjustability to fit more tailgate designs and bed covers.

Race Face and FOX Factory are excited to launch the all new T3 and Mission tailgate pads. Offering true tonneau cover compatibility, a two-panel design for exact fit, firm fork placement with a ridged compression molded foam pad, superior adjustability, and more padding than ever before, the new T3 and Mission tailgate pads have your truck, and your bike, covered. 



Real Tonneau Compatibility: When the bikes are off and you want to keep your other cargo safe, the T3 + Mission’s unique and patented thick foldaway downtube padding conveniently swings out of the way allowing your tonneau cover to fully close and lock. Compatibility tested with all typical roll-up and folding tonneau covers.


Firm Fork Placement: A ridged compression molded foam pad not only protects your forks from getting banged up, it keeps the whole front of your bike securely in place and upright when bombing up those rough shuttle roads(including road/gravel bikes, which commonly tip over on most tailgate pads). Straps can also be moved along the top of the pad to allow for customizable bike spacing and are big enough to fit around e-bike frames.


Your Pad. Your Way: Say goodbye to “close enough” fit or awkward bike-on-bike contact. Our two-panel pad design can adjust for any height of tailgate and the down tube attachment points can be moved to space bikes perfectly.

Ultimate Utility: The T3 and Mission are available in Mid-Size (5 bike capacity) and Full- Size (6 bike capacity) to match your size of truck. The 2-bike size offers partial tailgate coverage when rolling solo or in pairs.




  • Full and Mid-Size - $259
  • 2-Bike - $130.00
  • Strap Threader Tool - $4.00


  • Full and Mid-Size - $269
  • 2-Bike - $145
  • Strap Threader Tool - $4


  • Full-Size - 219 € / Mid-Size - 199 € 
  • 2-Bike - 99 € 
  • Strap Threader Tool - 3,45 €

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