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e*thirteens TRS Plus 9-46 / 11-Speed cassette now offers the same 511% range as the TRS Race cassette. It’s 17 grams lighter than SRAM®’s X01 Eagle cassette, $110 cheaper, and has more range. Compatible with both Shimano®* and SRAM®* drivetrains.

Get a massive 511% range, lighter weight, serviceability, and a fair price, while still being able to use your existing 11 speed drivetrain. Our TRS Plus Cassette and its 9t cog allow you to run smaller chainrings and shorter derailleurs for better ground clearance, and shorter chains for more weight savings.


The three largest cogs are precision machined from aluminum and attach to a SRAM® XD* driver body with a lockring. The remaining eight steel cogs lock into place with a chain whip. More range, more fun, same standard… at an impressive 339 grams.

511% RANGE

  • TRS+ 9-46t 11sp - 511%
  • TRS+ 9-42t 10sp - 467%
  • SRAM®* X01 Eagle™* 10-50t 12sp - 500%
  • SRAM®* XX1 10-42t 11sp - 420%
  • Shimano®* 11-46t 11sp - 418%


  • TRS+ 11sp - 339g
  • SRAM®* X01 Eagle™* - 356g
  • Shimano®* XT M8000 - 441g

e*thirteen’s wide-range cassettes utilize a shorter chain and smaller front chainring than SRAM®* X01 Eagle™* to achieve similar gearing, giving you better ground clearance as well as additional weight savings.



Install with included tool and a single chain whip. Remove with single chain whip and included tool on bike, or two chain whips and included tool off bike. XD driver only. Individually replaceable aluminum and steel clusters extend drivetrain life.


  • Bigger isn’t always better! A compact drivetrain offers several advantages:
  • Shorter chain for weight savings vs SRAM®* X01 Eagle™*
  • Shorter derailleur cages for better rock clearance
  • Smaller chainring allows for more ground clearance (with same gearing thanks to a 9t cog), something even more important with long, low, and slack frame geomtry
  • Straighter chainline vs SRAM®* X01 Eagle™* for longer lasting drivetrains
  • Designed for optimal performance with 11sp Shimano®* or SRAM®* chains


  • TRS+ 11speed, 9-46t Cassette
  • Lockring tool
  • Lockring
  • Grease packet
  • MAP: $249
  • MAP EU: €269.00

We will still be supporting FW1TPA-101 (TRS+ 9-44t Cassette) with service parts for the next few years.

*SRAM® is a registered trademark of SRAM LLC. X01 Eagle™ is a trademark of SRAM LLC. Shimano® is a registered trademark of Shimano Inc.

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