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Durango Derby brings elite MTB racing back to Durango in fun-forward format.

DURANGO, COLORADO March 15th, 2023 – With the recent decline in mountain bike races across North America, Durango Derby brings both elite level racing and good times for all riders back to the legendary cycling community of Durango, Colorado. The unique race format delivers a fun new challenge for the modern mountain biker, featuring four amazing stages, in one day, that showcase Durango’s premium in-town singletrack.

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Durango deserves a spot in big time MTB racing and the format of the Derby will showcase why,” says Dave Hagen, former FLC Cycling Team Director and Durango Derby Co-founder. Hagen, who is a long time Durango cycling community superhero, is joined by FLC Cycling Alum and bike industry professional, Dylan Stucki. Together, the pair of long-time Durango locals are invested in the Durango Derby vision of delivering both professional, and leisurely racing to the MTB community.

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Professional and hardened racers will compete in the solo division and will take on all four stages and 3 untimed transfers totaling 50 miles. Pro racers will be competing to stake their claim in Durango MTB history and a yet to be announced cash purse. With no shortage of local legends and young talent, Durango Derby has already attracted riders like Payson McElveen, Sarah Sturm, Stephan Davoust, Ellen Campbell, Howard Grotts, Todd Wells, and many more.

I’m excited to finally see a new mountain bike event in this area that features some of the amazing trails Durango has to offer.” says pro racer Sarah Sturm.

It’s not all about elite racing though, for those looking for some “serious-ly” friendly competition amongst riding buddies and families, the Durango Derby will also have 2-person and 4-person team categories. With a goal to be more inviting and inclusive, team categories provide riders the opportunity to divide and conquer, competing for bragging rights and awesome prizes.

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Just up the hill from town, Durango Mesa Park will be the main venue for the event. Showcasing Durango’s incredible mountain views and hosting the start / finish for the race, vendors, expo area, live entertainment, Durango DEVO Jr. fun race and more.

Mark Your Calendars

Marking the start of fall riding season, Durango Derby’s official race day will be Saturday, September 23rd 2023. With limited availability, race registration will open Monday, April 3rd at 9am.


Visit for more information, sign up for the email list, and follow along for race updates and more.


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