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DT Swiss Introduces the All-New F 1900 Classic

Affordable gravity workhorse wheelset from DT Swiss.

Facing a freshly-built jump or daring the biggest drop in the bike park can be nerve-racking. In any case, the thrill after hitting it can be as intense as the impact when things go wrong. Especially if you are the guinea pig, the tension, but also the uncertainty of making the jump is even greater. The F 1900 CLASSIC is made to withstand a lot, and not just in case of casing. With a new rim based on the latest generation of our downhill rims, coupled with our tried-and-true ratchet hub, the wheel aims to take the beating of numerous bike park laps.


    The modification of the rim profile as well as the addition of material at specific places allows for increased resistance to impacts.
    The reworked flange of the rim improves its resistance to pinch flats compared to the FR 1950 CLASSIC rim, according to tests conducted with a leading tire supplier.
    The reliability of the freehub system is ensured by the Ratchet LN system.
    Cold forged classic DT competition spokes, to ensure that the bond between rim and hub is as durable as possible.

In order to increase the impact resistance, it was necessary to use a different profile design than the current freeride and downhill wheelset, the FR 1950 CLASSIC. Years of experience and knowledge in aluminum rim development allowed DT Swiss engineers to develop a more impact resistant rim. The profile of the F 1900 CLASSIC rim enables unmatched overall strength to create a durable rim that is well-suited to the practice of freeride and downhill.

The F 1900 CLASSIC rim also benefits from a specific feature particularly adapted to its field of use: an increased protection against punctures by pinching. This feature is due to a new shape of the rim hooks where the upper part has been widened. It is precisely this sidewall that will come into contact with the tire during compression and in many cases, pierce the carcass causing air loss. The widening and correct orientation of this surface allows the shocks to be distributed over a wider area, thus reducing the risk of punctures.

The F 1900 CLASSIC is built with DT competition spokes. Reinforced by the patented cold forging process, these double butted spokes are also lighter than constant diameter spokes, saving weight on the wheelset. These spokes assure the wheels are ready to resist long park laps and will maintain tension, in case of a case or not.

The F 1900 CLASSIC features a reliable 370 hub equipped with a trustworthy Ratchet LN system. The arrangement of the Ratchet LN components corresponds to that of the Ratchet System. However, there is a difference in the axle. The Ratchet LN axle is not machined, making it more durable but the system becomes heavier.


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