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Downhill Rockies: Big Tracks Are Back 6

On Deck: Angel Fire, Pajarito, Crested Butte, Keystone, Durango

All Photos: Ben Jacob


 As certified super fans, it was an honor to have the opportunity to bring DH racing from the back burner in the Rocky Mountains in 2022. Downhill in the region has an undeniable history of World Cup/Champs tracks, phenomenal athletes, and a laundry list of race series that helped shape the sport itself. We had a blast at the Angel Fire NM and Purgatory CO, two of our longtime venue partners with aforementioned pedigrees that stand out in not only the region, but the continent. 

It was such a blast that at the end of the season riders were told that we would work tirelessly to secure more venues with the best courses to strengthen the series. This is by far the hardest part of any event team's job in the gravity racing category so we knew this was a terrible idea. None the less with a tear in our eye from Rob Warner's last WC broadcast, we began a pursuit of the perfect Rocky Mountain series. We are yet again blown away and very grateful to bring you The 2023 Downhill Rockies Series.



Angel Fire World Cup always provides an amazing race
Angel Fire World Cup always provides an amazing race


Angel Fire Resort in New Mexico has one of the fastest tracks in the nation. Average speeds can hit up to mach chicken and she's anything but smooth. Chunky and tech at the top, wide open with huge gaps at the bottom, something for everyone. In 2005, the UCI World Cup visited and put a stamp on the track and terrain for the rest of the world to take notice. We think everyone remembers the Earthed coverage and Minaar going galactic on the hip. We return to this legendary course on June 3rd/4th to get riders back between the tape. With Patrick West and his mountain staff, it's sure to be an event you don't want to miss.




Paja has some of the most unique terrain in the region.
Paja has some of the most unique terrain in the region.


Pajarito Mountain provides the balance to this schedule of titans. The steep, tight, unconventional tracks offer a glimpse into technical and methodical riding that escapes a lot of the bike parks in the region. While you can pin it out of the gate and hope for the best, the patient rider that links together the best lines top to bottom will be rewarded with fast times. The New Mexico park about 40 minutes outside of Santa Fe is one of the Rockies greatest hidden secrets with 3-4 different courses we have to choose from. If you like natural/steep/old school Downhill Racing, this stop will be your jam.




A dream come true. Racing in Crested Butte.
A dream come true. Back racing in Crested Butte.


There isn't much that needs to be said about this Colorado mountain bike staple. Arguably one of the greatest mountain bike destinations on the face of the earth with a history dating back to the early days of Klunkers, Joe Breeze, and Charlie Kelly. CB has also hosted many races, nationals, and series over the years, but has rested quietly away from gravity racing for some time. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and we are chomping at the bit to get back on the lift and drop into tracks like: Captain Jacks, Avery, and the certified Psycho Rocks. Be sure not to miss this reunion of venue and sport.



Keystone returning to DH is the best news we've had in a bit.
Keystone returning to DH is the best news we've had in a bit.


When the opportunity to bring the DHR to Keystone Bike Park arose we couldn't believe it. The DH riders park on the front range was a top 5 prospect for the series out of all the parks we could google. Just the thought of bringing back the 5-7 minute runs with hair on fire has us shaking with excitement and adrenaline as we type this. The. park is no stranger to amazing Downhill Racing and has hosted  years of NORBA and Mountain States Cup events. Be sure to get those forearms and hands ready because DH returns to Keystone Colorado. this summer!



Asa Vermette comfortable on his home track
Asa Vermette comfortable on his home track


From the first UCI World Championship to the updated track of today, there has never been a lack of commitment when dropping into Purgatory's World Cup track. This flyer is packed full of non stop action with few chances to rest. Steep and technical in the woods, fast and blown out in the open sections. We head to Durango on September 9th for the series finals and crown the inaugural King and Queen of the Downhill Rockies. If you have never raced it, do not miss this chance to test your skill and ego at Purg on a true WC track.



Strong Roots
Strong Roots


To build a sustainable Downhill Series to provide riders in the US a path to racing.

Our goal is to create events that have a solid relationship with the Rider, the Mountain Resort, and Downhill Rockies to ensure longevity in the series. Sending it down the heap without pre-riding works out sometimes, but it can end something incredible before it even begins. We care about the legacy of Downhill so we plan to take care in the construction of the series. The Downhill Rockies staff has decades of race event experience and are ready to represent this amazing sport as best we can. We look forward to serving you premier Downhill Racing soon. Registration open for the first round now.



Happy Racing.



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