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Ditch the Fanny Pack and Ride Like it’s 2023 13

Naked Sports Innovations introduces their category busting hydration band to the mountain biking community.

Affectionately known as the Running Band (it has won countless ultramarathon running events around the world), Naked launched this product 7+ years ago, in fact we invented the category.


We are now introducing The Naked Band to the world of mountain biking. The Band is an ultra-simple closed loop band consisting of one pocket divided into 3. You simply step into it, place it around your hips and start loading up with all the gear you’ll need to safely and swiftly navigate the trails whether they lead up or down.


The Naked Band is unisex, weighs mere ounces yet carries up to 3x 500ml soft flasks, nutrition, tubes, CO2, multi-tool, gloves, glasses, jacket or headlamp… whatever you need so you can focus on your ride and not your gear.


Comes in 12 sizes for a breathable, bounce and chafe free fit.


Available at select retail stores around the world and online at:

Take us for a ride… you won’t even know we’re there.


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