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Digit Bikes Launches the RING Trail Bike 1

Digit's second model uses their Analog suspension and features 29-inch wheels with 128mm of rear wheel travel and a 140mm fork.

The comments section has won! Digit Bikes has launched it's second bike model using Analog suspension. Named RING, it's a 29” wheeled trail bike offering 128mm rear suspension travel with a 140mm fork.


RING is designed and handbuilt in California, USA by Digit engineer, designer, founder, Tim Lane. Each frame and fork is customized for each rider's color preference with Cerakote ceramic coating, and assembled with Tim's favored, slightly esoteric component build.

RING is a great all-rounder if you are more likely to occasionally enter an XC race than to occasionally visit a lift-assist bike park (the Datum, which is available, is likely a better match for you if you’re more likely to do hit the bike park than enter an XC race).


Complete bike weights range from 27¾lbs to 26⅓lbs. Though it should be noted that Ring is a stable, sturdy feeling bike, not a waifish noodle.

Complete specs can be found here:


Digit's Analog suspension matches both the better descending and pedaling attributes of the industry's most respected four-bar suspension systems, while delivering significantly reduced weight, carrying more water bottles, and offering improved reliability.

It does this by replacing the many parts which on other frames comprise the upper link and shock subassembly with a unified strut, named Integer. Hidden inside the frame, it guides the upper suspension pivot smoothly and with incredible lateral stiffness, flows more oil, squeezes more air, and has fewer parts in an easily serviceable, low motion-ratio package.

Digit Bikes scooped up the Eurobike Gold Award for Innovation (and a Start-Up award too) on their first day of business. The innovation: A remarkable suspension system, named Analog, which integrates the shock absorber into the frame and employs a strut (basically fork bushings ) to drastically reduce the number of components required. The result: hundreds of grams in weight saving, more water bottle carrying capacity, improved reliability, improved damper performance and a great look!


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