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DEITY Celebrates 20 Years and Debuts New Products

The adventure is just getting started!

As we enter 20 years of DEITY, we are incredibly proud to debut the first in a series of new products that elevate who we are and mark the next chapter of a brand that’s home for so many riders and creatives across the globe. This is not a press release about product though… this a story of how a brand can stand the test of time and do it on our terms, pouring love into our process, and honoring our riders every day. YOU are the reason we are here.

The SUPERVILLAIN Pedal - The concave evolution is modernized. Featuring DEITY's non-offset profile, a large 113mm x 105mm functional footprint, deep 2.5mm concave stance, stunning detail from corner to corner, satin finish, and much more. EXPLORE

20 years into this and we cannot thank our riding community enough for the support you’ve given us!  We have a passion for what we do and the people who have been here along the journey.  From our products, our visuals, our team, our customers, our shops, our creatives, and our riders…DEITY has been a place to honor all of you with a true brand you can identify with. Being a “brand” is different than just being a company. There is a powerful foundation in a brand; a labyrinth of roots creating stability in times of distress, and a cultural significance that people connect to.  Our brand’s integrity and relevance is found in the people’s support, reflecting the intentions and motivations behind everything we do.

The FLAT TRAK Pedal - Featuring DEITY's non-offset profile, a large 110mm x 105mm functional footprint, a flat profile with 1mm of concavity, ability to adjust your feet yet able to feel locked in with the slightest pressure, stunning detail from corner to corner, satin finish, and much more. EXPLORE

From the beginning, we learned from the companies we previously worked for and approached creating DEITY in a very different and uncommon fashion. Without any loans, debt, investors, or was liberating to enter a creative process and build a brand without anyone breathing down our neck. It allowed us to make DEITY fearlessly, confident in our direction, even polarizing at times. It also put the pressure directly on our shoulders with no one to bail us out. We had to be accurate, calculated, patient, resilient, and at all times…push to be better than everyone else and better than who we were the day prior. Some days we succeed and some days we readjust. PRESSURE.  We thrive with the suffocating feeling of pressure and welcome it every day, every minute, it never lets up!

To be 20 years into this without a bank loan, investor, or anyone involved in the direction of DEITY is a powerful statement. It is a lesson to anyone in this industry that you can build something on your own terms, against the status quo, and that quick growth rarely leads to a stable future. This path is challenging, slow, and requires extreme precision to survive 20 years. It required a clear goal, long term vision, calculated strategy, reinvestment into our product, sleepless nights, stability through the highs and lows, and consistent sacrifice to protect this brand. To this day…we’ve never felt like we made it, and our appreciation of your support is stronger than ever.  

The MEGATTACK Grip - The ultimate large profile grip has arrived. Featuring a massive 36mm outer diameter, a wider 140mm width for a proportional fit, recessed half waffle, deep dish diamond pattern, thumb ribbing for comfort, and much more. EXPLORE

As we look back at 20 years of progress, adversity, growth, and lessons…we see the countless people who stood by us, who doubted us, who fueled us, who put their creative energy into us, who rode for us, who were part of something bigger than us and to all of YOU, we salute you. The DEITY family is comprised of incredible people who have a hand in shaping who we are, why we do what we do, and challenge us to be better every day. We never take this support for granted and are inspired and humbled to have this amazing community of riders believing in us!

As we wrote in 2004 and still standing today…

“Armor against the corporate mentality, DEITY is a company built by riders for riders!  With a product line designed for punishment, our relentless dedication to infiltrate the masses has created a company that is a reflection of the riders psyche, struggle, and passion. Things have only begun, so…welcome to DEITY and enjoy the ride!”

With love and thanks!

The DEITY Team

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