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Daysaver Launches New Generation of Essential8 and Coworking5 Tools

The Swiss brand has further perfected its high-end multitool and multitool extension based on collaboration with its customers.

The Essential8 multitool comes now with a plasma-coated handle to further increase its wear and oxidation resistance. For the magnets, Daysaver added epoxy coating to the NiCuNi coating for an even better corrosion resistance. This takes the already exceptional durability of the multitool to the next level.

day 1

There is also a new addition to the available bits with an optional H2 / JIS bit for the Shimano community which can be used to replace the H2/H2.5 bit. JIS is the Japanese Industrial Standard “plus” pattern. It works with pozidriv and phillips screws as well.

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The Coworking5 multitool extension is now available with an improved chain breaker. The bolt is no longer driven with the HEX3, but with the Torx 25 to transmit a lot more torque. And Daysaver also increased the thread diameter and lowered the pitch to optimize the power transmission ratio.

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The day saving tools are available as of now:


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