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Cycle Limited: Your Dream Bike Awaits

The world's fastest-growing online retailer for certified pre-owned bikes

Cycle Limited, the world's fastest-growing online retailer for certified pre-owned bikes, is shifting gears and setting an exhilarating new pace in the cycling world. The South Florida founded online retailer not only offers a wide selection of bikes for purchase, but also conveniently will buy your used bike via their Sell/Trade form. 

"We built Cycle Limited from the ground up, fueled by the desire to bridge the gap between new and used bikes. We wanted to offer an expansive range of certified pre-owned bikes that didn't just mimic new ones but rivaled them in performance and appeal," shares Israelian. The concept? Simple, yet groundbreaking: top-tier bikes, satisfaction guaranteed, minus the exorbitant price tags. It's like stumbling upon a hidden trail that leads you right to biking heaven.


But what sets Cycle Limited apart in the crowded marketplace of used bike sales? Not only does Cycle Limited own each and every bike they sell, the answer lies in the painstaking care and expertise infused into every step of their process. Each bike in their inventory undergoes a rigorous certification process, ensuring it's not just ready for the mountains, but primed for new adventures. From budget-friendly aluminum companions to elite cross-country racers, their inventory boasts a diversity that caters to every rider's fantasy.


Imagine this: a bike that fits your riding aspirations, ready to roll out of the box. That's the Cycle Limited guarantee. Beyond ensuring quality, Cycle Limited supports cyclists throughout their journey. Need financing? They've got you covered. Eyeing a bike from across the globe? They're on it, with international shipping that brings your dream bike right to your doorstep. And the cherry on top? A buy-back promise, just in case you decide to switch lanes.


Now, meet your "Bike Sensei." In a move that underlines their commitment to personalized service, Cycle Limited introduces complimentary consultations with seasoned cycling experts. This service, fondly termed "Bike Sensei," is a nod to the bespoke guidance offered to riders. "We recognize that every cyclist's journey is unique. Whether it's the rush of flowy trails or the thrill of melting tarmac, we're here to guide you to your perfect match," Israelian explains. Riders can access this complimentary service directly on Cycle Limited’s website.


 Founded by cyclists, for cyclists, Cycle Limited is more than a company—it's a promise of adventure, a community, and a shared passion. At Cycle Limited, your satisfaction drives us. We're not just selling bikes; we're curating experiences. Connect with us today and let's pedal towards your next adventure.

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