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Coming Soon: Limited Run of Maxxis Team Spec Aspen & Aspen ST Tires! 1

Every season, fans cheer mountain biking’s elite as they ride Maxxis’ Team Spec editions of the Aspen and all-new Aspen ST to championships. These 170-TPI-casing versions are normally available exclusively to Maxxis’ top sponsored riders and teams, but this year, for a limited time only, every rider can purchase these same premium tires!

The Aspen ST (or Fastpen, as it’s sometimes known) is a new ultra-low-profile XC tire based on the Aspen. Eagle-eyed race fans may recognize the Aspen ST tread pattern from spy shots, but it's never been publicly available until now. Designed to be even faster than its predecessor, the Aspen ST is sure to catapult you to the podium, just like it helped Nino Schurter to countless World Cup wins. In addition, the 120-TPI version of the Aspen ST will soon be available for purchase as a permanent addition to our lineup of cross-country tires. The Team Spec Aspen and both versions of the Aspen ST will be available in 29x2.40 and 29x2.25 options.

The Team Spec Aspen and Aspen ST debut a much lighter and faster 170-TPI casing and feature an exclusive Team Spec hot patch. Because these tires are designed to be used solely in racing conditions and feature pro-level speed and rolling resistance, they aren’t suitable for the average weekend ride. The team spec Aspen and Aspen ST will not be as durable as the versions normally available for purchase.

The Team Spec Aspen and Aspen ST can be purchased starting April 18, 2024 at 8:00 AM EST from your local Maxxis dealer or on

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