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Chris King Announces the Return of Matte Mango 1

The fan favorite is back.

November 7, 2023 - Portland, OR – Chris King Precision Components will re-release their popular Matte Mango anodized components after an 18-month hiatus. Matte Mango will be a part of King’s 2024 color assortment from now on, which includes Black, Matte Black, Two Tone Black Gold, Midnight, Matte Turquoise, Red, Silver, Gold, and 3D Violet.

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“Consistent, high-quality anodizing isn’t easy. Without constant monitoring and attention to detail, anodizing can vary from batch to batch, and from material to material. We take great care to ensure that every customer gets a headset, bottom bracket, and hubs that closely match," states King Sales Manager, Greg Hudson. "In 2022, we were struggling to consistently get our Matte Mango within tolerance, which caused production delays and increased our lead-times. Instead of shipping mismatched components to discerning customers who expect the very best, we removed Matte Mango from the assortment. Now, we’re excited to welcome one of our favorite colors back!”

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King was among the first bicycle component makers to introduce color anodization to their product line back in 1988, with colors coming in and out of the collection each season since. Earlier this year, they brought back 3D Violet, which first appeared in 1988. ​

Hudson continued, “The King color palette always wants to grow. We’ve always believed that just making the best bearings, the best components, wasn’t enough. They need to look as good as they perform, and ensuring that our components are finished and anodized to the highest quality in various colors to match any bike build is equally important. Matte Mango was hugely popular when we took it offline to improve its tone and consistency, so we expect it to be hugely popular again.”

Matte Mango components are available now through King dealers and the Chris King website.

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