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Cane Creek Introduces The Air-Charged Coil Shock, Tigon 19

An entirely new shock built with the rider’s creative spirit in mind.

Asheville, NC - Cane Creek is excited to introduce Tigon, an entirely new DB Twin Tube Shock that combines the sensitivity of a coil shock with the tunable support of an air spring.


Cane Creek expands their shock offering with Tigon. Tigon combines the ground tracking sensitivity of a coil shock with the tunable mid-stroke and bottom out support of an air shock. In 2005 Cane Creek's engineering team developed the world's first DB Twin Tube mountain bike shock that offered a new level of external adjustability, previously unavailable in mountain bike shocks. Twin tube design also uses a higher volume of damper oil for improved suspension performance and lower heat buildup. Twin Tube technology lives on in IL, Kitsuma, and now Tigon. Additionally, patent-pending RAMP Tube Technology in Tigon allows riders to make quick, easy adjustments to increase liveliness, add support, or conversely, improve the plushness of their ride.


“The first thing riders experience when they ride Tigon is... Wow! This is something that you really feel. There is a very noticeable difference between zero and thirty psi.  It has such a broad range of how it can be set up, it can cover so many types of riders. That’s the idea of Tigon – the style comes from the rider.” - Brandon Blakely, Design Engineer at Cane Creek Cycling Components

Using a basic shock pump, riders can now tune the support of their coil shock by adding air pressure (30 psi max) to the RAMP Tube. This added air chamber increases the progression of the shock and gives all the mid-stroke and bottom out support that they may want. The RAMP Tube makes Tigon capable of providing 20-35% more progression than a typical coil shock. Still, the supreme sensitivity of coil is always present, providing the most active suspension possible - no matter the air pressure.


Tigon expands the usable market for coil by providing a more resilient solution for clevis and trunnion mount frames. The bracing provided by RAMP Tube, paired with a damper shaft that is relocated to the middle of the shock, adds a significant amount of lateral strength. Enabled by DB Twin Tube technology, Tigon provides independently controlled low and high-speed compression as well as low-speed rebound adjustment. Using the integrated tool, each rider can tune Tigon to suit themselves on any bike, in any situation.

Tigon is available now through Cane Creek retailers, distributors or factory-direct in North America through and is covered by a two year warranty. Tigon is available in standard and trunnion mount sizes at $899.99, like all Cane Creek Coil shocks, VALT Springs are sold separately.

Cane Creek Tigon Specifications

  • Weight: +/- 438g* *210 without spring, varies by size
  • Damping: DB Twin Tube Technology
  • Adjustments:
    • Independent High & Low Speed Compression
    • Low Speed Rebound
    • RAMP Tube
    • 2 Position Climb Switch
  • Shaft Diameter: 12.7mm (½")
  • Damper Oil: Motorex 4wt
  • Climb Switch: Two Position: Descend / Climb
  • Sizes:
    • Standard: 210x50, 210x52.5, 210x55, 230x60, 230x62.5, 230x65
    • Trunnion: 185x50, 185x52.5, 185x55, 205x60, 205x62.5, 205x65
  • Manufacturing: Designed, Tested, and Hand Assembled in Fletcher, NC

About Cane Creek Cycling Components

Cane Creek Cycling Components is a manufacturer of premium cycling products headquartered in Fletcher, NC. The company was founded in 1975 as the North American headquarters of Japanese brake manufacturer Dia-Compe. In 1995 the company was renamed Cane Creek Cycling Components and was subsequently purchased by its employees. Over the years, Cane Creek has introduced several groundbreaking products – including the original AheadSet threadless headset and the revolutionary Double Barrel Shock.

View key specs, compare shocks, and review the Cane Creek Tigon in the Product section.


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