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bikeTag & anyTag: three mounts for Apple® Airtag by NINJA MOUNT

Don't let them get your baby!

NINJA MOUNT makes life difficult for bike thieves and introduces three mounts for Apple ®Airtag!

bikeTag Saddle: Airtag mount for bike saddle

Most inconspicuous attachment and fits all common bicycle saddles and is suitablefor bicycles without a bottle holder or with limited space for a drinkingbottle.

Theft protection through safety screws, safety bits included

• Universally mountable on bicycle saddle (not I-Beam system) 

• Inconspicuous attachment

• Patent pending


Easy assembly with the special tools supplied

anytag: Universal Airtag mount for bike tool box or for Camper, ATV, Motocross, Motorcycle…


• Theft protection through safety screws, suitable safety bits included

• Easy assembly with the special tools supplied 

• Patent pending

Flexible attachment to surfaces using high quality 3M tape

Fits in the tool box of your bike

 biketag bottle: Airtag mount for attachment to the bottle holder

Fits to all common standard mountings with hole spacing between 65-75mm

Can be used universally on any bike with a bottle holder


• Inconspicuous and simple design

• Easy installation with the special tools supplied

biketag bottle is only 10 mm high, so there is still enough space for a drinking bottle

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All sets include safety screws!

Pricing starts from 18,90€, worldwide shipping included.

Apple® Airtag is not included. 


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