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Bike Republic Sölden 2024 Bike Opening, Trail News, Rallye and more

Sölden, Austria, 13 May, 2024 - The most valuable passports in the world in 2024 were awarded to Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Singapore and Spain. Despite this, it is a well-known fact within the mountain bike world that the most valuable passports actually is the Bike Republic Sölden Citizen Passport. The Austrian mountain bike Mecca once again demonstrates this with exciting new trails, outstanding “old” trails and a series of events that will make every biker's heart beat faster. The season traditionally kicks off with the Bike Opening, this year from 7 to 9 June.


Christoph Bayer - Ötztal Tourismus

New trails and evergreens

Those who come to the Bike Republic for mountain biking are spoiled for choice. On the twelve shaped lines, 18 natural single tracks and 13 enduro trails ranging from green to double black in difficulty levels, all types of riders will find their personal delicacies. New this year are the blue single track “Bartigs Bödele 676” and the red “Schlender Trail 6060”. The two trails are located on the “vibrant” side of the Bike Republic, which means that they can both be reached with lift assistance. The Schlender Trail 6060 oscillates back and forth between the Hühnersteige and Gampe Alm alpine pastures over a length of 400 meters. Bartigs Bödele 676, on the other hand, is an old acquaintance that will appear in a completely new shape in 2024. The existing single trail will be completely redesigned a few meters below its previous route and will no longer be a shared trail. This means that its 500-metre length is now exclusively accessible to bikers.

When visiting the Bike Republic, the Fernar Trail and the Ollweite Line should be number one and two on your bucket list. Starting at 2,800 meters above sea level, the Fernar Trail is a high alpine natural trail that winds its way down from the Tiefenbach Glacier into the valley, technically challenging and exposed in places. Certainly not for beginners, the trail has one highlight after another in store for experienced mountain bikers - not least the unreal alpine landscape and the breathtaking views. The Ollweite Line also boasts the latter on its seven kilometers from the Rotkogelhütte to Hühnersteign. Berms, jumps, rock gardens and Northshore elements leave nothing to be desired - photo spots included.

Both routes also represent the first section of a Long Trail respectively Long Line. This concept gives you the opportunity to ride several trails and lines in one go and enjoy a mountain bike experience of incredible length. The longest one is the Long Line Giggijoch with 16 kilometers.  

Ötztal Tourismus - Christoph Bayer

Bike Opening, Bike Republic Sölden Rallye and more

Of course, the Bike Republic Sölden can’t wait to host its legendary events for its citizens. Like the 8th Bike Opening Sölden, that will kick things off from 7 to 9 June, celebrating mountain biking for three days: riding technique courses for young and old, various contests and shows, ride-outs with professional mountain bike athletes and, of course, an expo area where the bike highlights of the current season can be admired and tested. 

On the second day of the Bike Opening, the Bike Republic Sölden Rallye will also take place for the third time. This fun event focuses less on competition and more on exploring the trails and lines together: in teams of two or three riders, “visas” (stamps) have to be collected throughout the Bike Republic and various challenges have to be mastered. Depending on the team's spirit and stamina, eight (gold), six (silver) or four (bronze) stamps have to be collected – e-bikers must collect at least five stamps. Those who collect all the stamps in their category enter the draw for some sweet prizes. There is no timekeeping. Registration for the #BRS Rally is already open. 

A special highlight this year is the BYND The Mountain Festival, which the Bike Republic has developed in cooperation with the Green Hill Bikepark and which will now take place alternately in Ötztal and further up North in Germany (as BYND The Hill). From 13 to 15 September, Sam Pilgrim, Erik Fedko and the likes will do the honors. In addition to music acts and bike action, the legendary Swatch Nines is going to the big highlight of this festival. 

A third fixture in the #BRS event calendar is the National Holiday from 4 to 6 October, when the bike season celebrates its closing in a similarly festive manner to the opening.    

News for this year is a treat for your after-work ride: the gondolas and cable cars extend their operating hours every Friday between 5 July and 23 August for the After Work Flow Fridays. Mountain biking is possible until 8 pm during this period.  

More current news, details about the events and information about the lines and trails of the Bike Republic Sölden can be found at or



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