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“Back of the Postcard” in 7 Episodes - The whole story behind Danny MacAskill’s San Francisco street riding project


Just over a week ago, Danny MacAskill graced the world with his video  Postcard from San Francisco. Immediately, comment sections were filled with positivity and all viewers agreed: Danny had created something entertaining, creative, and inspiring - this film brought a great vibe that rippled well beyond the mountain bike community. In Postcards from San Francisco, we see Danny blowing minds with unbelievably smooth and well-executed street trials riding. The one or two falls in the edit seem to be there just to make Danny seem human. As it turns out, Danny is human, and this edit didn't come together as easily as it may appear. To show us the incredible amount of work, crashes, blood, sweat and tears put into this project which took over five years to make, Danny has created a seven episodes series called Back of the Postcard.


Ever thought about shooting a movie scene at a place like Alcatraz? Looking at Danny's latest work, Postcard from San Francisco, one can only imagine the amount of effort behind the five-minute film. The seven-part series Back of the Postcardoffers much more than the usual behind the scenes.


Instead, this very personal documentary gives a deep insight into the challenges Danny and the entire team had to overcome. In addition to the failed shoot in 2017, it shows how Danny approaches tricks, his doubts, and how he repeatedly pushes the limits of what is possible.  


Viewers are also treated to a deeper insight into the specifics of each key scene and the battle against the clock as the team deals with time limited permits and other challenges of filming in San Francisco. 


As crucial as Danny, Back of the Postcard also introduces us to those behind the scenes who dedicated massive amounts of time in production, both pre and post, to make this edit happen. From Film Director Robbie Meade (Peny Films) to Producer Todd Barber (Hi5 Events), Photographer Dave Mackison, Stunt Coordinator Duncan Shaw and Security Guard Preston.


This series is an incredibly insightful look at what it took to create this masterpiece and can be viewed on Danny's Youtube channel:

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