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Another Winter In Bellingham - Atmospheric River Rats 2.0


After a long and arduous dust season the rain has finally returned. Atmospheric River Rats 2 is here, now featuring unprecedented levels of community. Enjoy!

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Merch is available on the ARR website.One of a kind, hand printed, and tie-dyed by Dylan of WinCo Factory Racing. Support results in bulk, help Dylan not have to work a real job, and represent the ARR by picking up a fresh piece.

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Touch up on your river rat lore by checking out the original Atmospheric River Rats movie.

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ARR Poster Collage Print crop lighter A deep thanks to everyone who helped film, those who rode, hung out, suffered, volunteered, and participated in any way, This couldn't have happened without you.

Filmed and Edited by Logan Nelson
Produced by Eric Olsen
Motion Graphics by Annika Danenhaur
Poster Graphics by Ian Morgan
Additional filming:
Doug Jambor
Kristin Miller Nelson
Andy Ford
Dan Perl
Erik Patak
Tor Weiland
Michael Chungbin


Additional thanks to Jaime Friedrich at Vamos Outdoors Project, Emily Mallos at Kulshan Brewing, and Tyler Deschaine at Tenet Components for helping make our Bellingham premiere a success. Bailey Kimmel at Schwalbe Tires for hooking up all the riders in the film with free tires and organizing the Victoria BC showing. Jacquie and Jonny at Structures Brewing for hosting our "Story Time" showing. Isaiah Hale at Whistle Buoy Brewing for our signature Rat Tale Pale Ale and facilitating a fantastic Victoria BC showing.

In the end we were able to fundraise $4757 for Vamos Outdoors Project which is 4x what we did last year! Thank you to everyone who bought tickets to the shows or otherwise helped fundraise.

This project is entirely un-paid and purely for fun. Before ARR1 none of us had made a full length movie before. A large portion of both films was shot on a $80 handycam from eBay that came from Chicago with an amateur rap video on the memory. We only say this because we would love to see more mountain bike movies by the people, for the people. If we can make a movie like this, anyone can.

Have a great winter everyone!

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