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All New Yeti SB135

The new 27.5" wheeled bike is made to rip focused on fun and maneuverability.

The dust around the Great Wheel Size Debate has settled with 29ers dominating nearly every category of mountain biking. But there are some things inherent to wheel size that 29ers simply can’t do.

There’s main lines and race lines. And then there’s the completely unexpected lines that requires a rider with a different headspace all together.

GFC SB135 IMC 0888 3kx2k

27.5-inch wheels handle effortlessly, are more precise, accelerate quicker, and corner with ease. They pop and play, they dodge and weave. If big wheel bikes are the math nerds calculating maximum speed and efficiency, then 27.5” bikes are the art students painting, exploring, and expressing their way through the trails.

GFC SB135 IMC 3942 3kx2k.jpg?VersionId=vV a2r31TJpoOE2w0wQanzqF7

The SB135 is for riders who factor their rides in fun over feet gained, who rate their rides on quality, not quantity. For riders who measure the immeasurable.

Yeti’s goal with the SB135 was to employ the feature and technology updates that debuted on the SB120, SB140 and SB160 last fall, to make the most agile trail bike we could. We experimented with different wheel size combinations and dual 27.5-inch wheels gave us the fun-factor we were after with this bike.


GFC SB135 IMC 2761 3kx2k



GFC SB135 IMC 2836 3Kx2K.jpg?VersionId=BrZTmaspUl595hCDLf8UC9MXh


Dual 27.5-inch wheels are also ideal when creating the best fit for smaller riders. This was one of the chief design goals of the SB135. The engineering team actually went so far as designing a totally different frame for the small and XS sizes that minimizes standover height, maximizes dropper post travel, and allows for a water bottle inside the frame.

GFC SB135 IMC 9807 3kx2k.jpg?VersionId=xL UT7n11BP805z

Throw out your preconceptions and throw a leg over the SB135. The small-wheel revival starts now.

About Yeti

Founded in 1985, Yeti Cycles makes race-bred, obsessively engineered, masterfully crafted mountain bikes proven by the fastest riders in the most demanding conditions. Based in Golden, Colorado, Yeti is owned and staffed by riders who are more likely to be out riding the company’s latest creation than sitting in a conference room. Visit to learn more.

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