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The All-New Specialized Dissident II Full Face Helmet 3

Developed with the Specialized Gravity Team, the all-new enduro and downhill helmet meets the highest safety standards while maximizing breathability and striking a lightweight.

From the moment before the start to crossing the finish line, Specialized Gravity Team racers are thinking a million thoughts a minute. Our goal was to make thinking about your helmet—not one of those thoughts. For Dissident II, we collaborated with powerhouse athletes, Loïc Bruni and Finn Iles, to design a helmet that meets the highest demands of downhill racing in terms of safety, a modern-styled fit, and breathability.


  • 3 Layer Construction: Carbon Shell / Poly Carbonate / EPS
  • Unique pieces of EPS tuned to optimized performance in each specific location
  • Mips Evolve Solution: Fabric pocket attachments to reduce bobble head and creakiness
  • Ionic Plus Fabric anti-microbial pad kit. Replacement crown pad and two sizes of emergency quick-release cheek pads included
  • Breathability optimized with hood scoop
  • D-Ring Buckle
  • Travel Bag
  • Complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL (4 Shell sizes)
  • Weight: Medium - 940g
  • MSRP: $500 USD

Engineered Confidence

The outside of the Dissident II took influence from modern automotive design—a styling favorite from Loïc and Finn. On the inside, we’ve applied our redesigned approach to full-face helmets. With five strategically placed EPS foam inserts, we’re able to tune for higher and lower density foam based on where it is being configured inside the helmet—allowing us to maintain a light weight and still manage energy. The use of a softer foam density allows more energy to be absorbed in an impact, transferring less to the rider. Dissident II also provides added confidence through its Mips Evolve Solution—this low friction layer is designed to move slightly inside the helmet in order to help redirect forces away from the head. In this Evolve Solution, we utilized fabric pocket attachments inside, reducing creakiness, often a distraction to the rider.


Find Your Flow

Remaining cool is more than a state of mind, and it’s hard to keep your composure when things get hot—especially when your head feels like it’s in a sauna. That’s why instead of focusing on more vents, we focused on better vents. Built from the inside out, the Dissident II ventilation system features a hood scoop to channel a flow of cool air in, and purpose-placed vents that direct the warm air out— letting your head stay cool and comfortable in any situation.


Light Is Fast

Keeping this helmet light was of high importance. In a race context, feeling light and mobile leads to faster reactions, and reduced fatigue between the tape. With the EPS foam insert construction, the helmet remains very light while still offering big protection. While we can’t speculate on everything that was going through Finn Iles’ head during his 2022 winning run at Mont-Sainte-Anne— we know what he wasn’t thinking about... Whether you’re taking the stage to drop in on your first winning World Cup run, or chasing your own championship on the local enduro series, Dissident II has you covered.


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