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Reach More Riders: It's Easier Than Ever! 0

Get your brand's products listed in the Vital MTB Product Guide and receive premium benefits.


Several million cyclists use the Vital MTB Product Guide each year. They can see and compare product specs, read and contribute product reviews, and share products they like to social media. It has become an important resource for consumers researching products and making purchase decisions. Get your brand’s products included for all these riders to see.



Having your current lineup added to the Product Guide and keeping it up to date has never been easier. We will add your full 2022 MTB lineup and make mid-season updates as needed for an easy one-and-done price based on your catalog size, saving your business hours of time.


If you prefer to self-manage your lineup for free, simply provide us with your Vital MTB username. We'll give you access to the self-serve admin panel and send instructions for self-managing. If you're new to the site, create a username and profile here.



Put your brand in front of enthusiastic riders and receive premium benefits. Inclusion in the Product Guide is an opportunity not to be missed. Let us do the work for you or self-manage. Get in touch and get started now.


What is the deadline for product additions?

There is no deadline for your product uploads. We invite you to add your new products at your convenience so that site users can see, review, and purchase them when matched with retail partners' inventory. However, if products are added while consumer hype is at a high, the more traction the listings will get. 

What is involved in Product Guide management?

Managing a Product Guide lineup includes adding new listings, updating existing listings, and discontinuing retired product listings to match your current catalog. This is done using online editors in the self-serve admin panel of the Vital MTB site. We will send instructions to help with self-managing if you choose this option.

Adding, updating, and discontinuing product listings is all included with the Vital-managed option. We will keep an eye on your website, applying changes when we see they are needed.

Can we control the links in the “Where To Buy” section?

The Where to Buy section on Product Guide pages links interested buyers to affiliate partners' online stores. Product listing titles are matched with retailers' data feeds and updated daily. If you would like to add your brand's store to the list, please contact us.

If you have any further questions or if we can provide more information, please let us know.


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