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Welcome to the Lapierre Zipp Collective 4

The merger of the Enduro Collective and Team Lapierre creates a new EWS dream team under the guidance of Nico Vouilloz.

Almost right from the start, the brand’s history has been built around competition - it is a part of our DNA. Performance has always been deeply rooted in our values, spurred on by well-known riders who have taken us to the greatest heights.


A few years ago, we decided to take a different course by reducing our presence in competitions and endurance and, more generally, mountain biking. But there was a growing desire to return, with an outfit and a full team capable of going out for victories in international competitions. The development of the new Spicy in 2019, thanks to Nicolas Vouilloz, enabled us to reposition the brand in the enduro segment with a high-performance model sporting an all-new design. All we had to do was find the right synergies to create our Dream Team, with riders, a collective, who shared our values and our ambitions.

And now it’s done for the next three years...

Cedric "Pouky" Carrez - Team Manager

"After two amazing years with the Enduro Collective, Isabeau and I wanted to continue the great momentum we had achieved. Her championship title was just one step for me; we also really wanted to continue to develop, both technically and structurally. Among the different options on offer, one of them was perfect for us, and had all that was needed for the start of a great story. That is how we made the decision to join forces with the superb Lapierre team to create the Lapierre Zipp Collective!

I’m delighted to see Isabeau and Adrien together in the same team, because they are both highly talented and very generous riders, both on their bikes and off. With Chloé , I saw ill have a sort of half- sister with her, and they are sure to be an asset to each other. In this message, I wanted to say a particular thanks to the Lapierre board fopr their trust and motivation, and the SRAM/Zipp staff for their interest in the idea of this merger between the two outfits. And of course all the team's sponsors for their full and unconditional support."

Nicolas Vouilloz - Team Director

“Nothing could make me happier than seeing this merger between Lapierre and the Enduro Collective. I have a great deal of admiration for Isabeau as an athlete; it is a real pleasure to work with her, and it will no doubt be a great challenge for the entire team. Her determination to perform can only reinforce Adrien and Chloé’s already strong motivation, and I am certain that they will all be an asset to each other. We will also be able to count on the experience and professionalism of Cédric Carrez, aka Pouky, as team manager and Craig Miller, aka Craig Dog, our high-end mechanic and a valuable asset for the riders’ performance. Newcomer Kirstin Moynihan, our new physiotherapist, will also be responsible for pampering our riders. In closing, I shall be present and providing support at certain races and to help the riders feel comfortable with their Spicys, their technical choices, and the “strategic” approach to the races. As you know, we have everything it takes to achieve greater performance and more results, all with a cohesive team, a value that is really important to me.”

Isabeau Courdurier - EWS Rider

“During the past two years with the Enduro Collective, I was able to advance and evolve in an environment that was perfect for me. Despite that, I felt the need to go even further, to evolve and continue to progress. Cédric and I thought about what direction we wanted to take as a next step for our little outfit. Surrounding yourself with the right people is important and I only wanted to join another team if they could give me more confidence and help me progress technically, but without taking themselves too seriously. So we were absolutely thrilled and delighted about the project to merge with the Lapierre team, composed of Adrien, Chloé and Nico. Especially when you know what a good laugh they are, you know that the ambiance is going to be good! That aspect is hugely important; I only perform if I feel comfortable and am having fun on my bike.

Talking of rides, the Spicy Team bike is perfect for me; it is both playful and very dynamic which means that I feel confident riding it. A terrific little bike, strong teammates, two teams that are now one... The Lapierre Zipp Collective is here! And I’m even prouder because Lapierre decided to include two girls in its ranks. Here I am back on a French brand, ready to give it my all for my team and all the partners who are putting their trust in us - ready for battle, but always with a smile.”

Adrien Dailly - EWS Rider

“Lapierre has placed their trust in me for five years now. In those five years I have learnt an enormous amount alongside Nico Vouilloz, and I am truly grateful to him. After two difficult seasons battling to recover from my elbow injury which still bothers me, I am more motivated than ever to turn the page and make a comeback on the EWS stage. What’s more, the arrival of Isabeau and Cédric and the overhaul of the outfit should strengthen the team spirit and breathe new life and energy into a team that was already great, but which, like those before, was among the “small EWS teams”. One thing is for sure though, having the 2019 World Champion on our team should give us a boost and make us, more than ever, a team to watch out for. And we already get along well; the group is incredibly cohesive and we are all highly motivated and well managed, so I am looking forward to the start of the season. I would like to say a big thank you to Lapierre for continuing to believe in me, despite being one arm down, and to the people at Zipp/Sram for their energy and the resources they put in, not to mention all the other team sponsors of course, without whom none of this would be possible.“

Chloe Gallean - EWS Rider and Content Manager

“The last three years as ambassador at Lapierre have given me the opportunity to diversify, to test myself, and to thrive in the world of mountain biking. I also had the time to work on personal and professional projects, but this year I am going to concentrate 100% on the competition and communication, that is why I will be at every EWS race. And it was a great surprise to find out that our little family was expanding with the arrival of Isabeau and Cédric, because they are people we like and have known for a long time. Having Isa with us is a great plus; her professional and competitive streak will help the team develop, that is for sure. It also has to be said that the “girl power” thing is pretty cool! It is clear that having Adrien and Isa as teammates is a definite advantage for moving forward. I am surrounded by the best! And of course there is Nico Vouilloz and Craig who are an enormous asset to us. I am proud, grateful and happy to continue to represent this French brand alongside this new dream team.”

The Spicy, an initiative of Nicolas Vouilloz, was entirely reworked and redesigned in 2019. The requirements were simple: to have a playful, effective bike that could deliver top level performance. So, we started from scratch in order to develop an all-new concept with new geometry and a new drivetrain.

Team Riders: 

  • Isabeau Courdurier - 25 years old
  • Chloé Gallean - 25 years old
  • Adrien Dailly -  24 years old

Team Staff: 

  • Nicolas Vouilloz – Team Director & EWS-E athlete (Fr)
  • Cédric Carrez – Team Manager (Fr)
  • Craig Miller – Team Mechanics (Sco)
  • Kirstin Moynihan – Physiotherapist (Sco) 


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