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We Are in for a Treat - Race Face Drops the Creator Series Trailer and Schedule 0

With ten new video shorts in the pipeline, viewers are about to get quite spoiled. This is looking good!

Over the next few weeks, we'll be rolling out our Creator Series films. We're very excited - the projects we funded offer a wide range of points of view, some spectacular scenery, and some interesting characters.

The Creator Series is a creative-focused initiative started by Race Face to provide a chance for filmmakers, accomplished or aspiring, to tell meaningful mountain bike-related stories beyond the standard fare of shreddits and product commercials.The global mountain bike community is an amazing collection of characters, stories, and locations – we wanted to create a path for filmmakers to bring their passion projects to life, to inspire and remind us of the connections that bind us together as riders.We received hundreds of proposals and pitches and had to hunker down to go through them – after much debate and many tough decisions we were left with a group of 10 filmmakers with unique stories that we wanted to see shared with the world.


From Keegan Wright finding his way through Bali to Bill the trail builder in Nanaimo, a blooming mtb community in Newfoundland to a hopeful bike newbie racing the BC Bike Race after a life-altering injury, and more - we've got a great schedule of films for you ahead! For now, please enjoy this master edit that we've put together for you to get stoked about the coming videos!

Screening Schedule

  • Sept 23 - Skye Shillhammer – Slide to Ride
  • Sept 25 - Scott Secco - Billder
  • Sept 27 - Kristina Wayte – My Last Day of Summer
  • Sept 30 – William Binamé/John Colthorpe – Isle of the Gods
  • October 2 - Markella Mildenberger - Just Like Riding a Bike
  • October 4 - Peter Wojnar - Dirt is Soft
  • October 7  - Dru Kennedy – Landwash
  • October 9 - Connor Tieulie – Resilience
  • October 11 - Jake Frew – Redefining Success
  • Winter 2019 - Jason Mannings – Our Story Trails

We'll be putting all the films, as well as behind the scenes photos and videos, and more info on the films and filmmakers at


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