WTB Launches Updated Saddle Line and Fit System

New graphics, new materials, and a custom fit system all work together to offer riders maximum comfort and performance from their mountain bike seat.

WTB Launches Updated Saddle Line and Fit System

WTB has unveiled updated graphics across the entirety of the company’s iconic saddle line. WTB’s progressive saddle shapes now feature subdued graphics to provide a sleek and modern appearance that doesn’t clash with the defining colors of a bike. In addition to updated graphics, every WTB saddle is now covered with a premium microfiber material, regardless of other features available at different performance tiers.

WTB saddles with cromoly rails and thin padding now feature all-new HLX padding, which is 30% more shock absorbent than polyurethane, making it the plushest WTB saddle padding available. Comparable to putting a memory foam topper on your saddle, it’s a great option for those who prioritize squishiness over weight savings. Cromoly saddles with medium and thick levels of padding feature the added comfort of HLX+ Gel padding, which uses strategically placed gel inserts in areas where a rider’s sit bones contact the saddle.

Recognizing even the world’s most comfortable saddles require a fit procedure to direct an individual rider towards their ideal saddle, WTB has introduced the revolutionary Fit Right System as the most accurate and non-intrusive method available. Based on an anatomical correlation between the wrists and ischial tuberosities (sit bones) of the body, the WTB Fit Right System uses simple steps to direct riders towards an ideal saddle width and padding thickness to match their physiology and riding position. Better yet, it’s free and can be used whether at home or at your local bike shop. Right about now you’re probably wondering how WTB can possibly determine which saddle is right for you based on nothing more than your wrist measurement and a few simple questions. Find your best fit with WTB. 

Once a rider’s sit bone measurement has been determined, the final step is WTB’s Fit Right Chart, which categorizes the WTB saddle line according to the simple descriptors of saddle width and padding thickness. Riders apply their sit bone measurement and padding preference to complete the personalized fit procedure knowing they’ve chosen the perfect saddle. WTB’s goal is to provide riders with a saddle that fits them so perfectly they simply forget it’s beneath them.

Check out WTB's site for their full range of products. 

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