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TRP Presents Outside the Toolbox Episode 4: "What's That Sound" 3

John Hall listens trackside for noisy bikes and offers some travel tips to keep your brakes running properly.

What's that sound

What is a professional World Cup mechanic doing when he is watching racers going by on the course? For John Hall, it is listening to the sounds a bike produces.

John Hall is Aaron Gwin’s mechanic and the lead mechanic for Intense Factory Racing. His professional and personal life is all about riding mountain bikes so no wonder he likes talking about them.

But what is his relationship to the noise on bikes? Find out in the fourth video of our Outside the Toolbox series, What’s That Sound. In this video, we camp out trackside with John to see what he thinks about all the clanking, clacking, and slapping as riders go down the hill. Along with this, John takes a moment to explain proper rotor care while traveling between events to prevent that dreaded squeaky brake.

As a former Marine, John brings a work ethic and perspective that few on the circuit have mastered. He’s a constant tinkerer and a consummate pro, and of course, he’s cool under pressure.

Enjoy your trip into the world of noise with a professional mechanic and remember, “brake drag and rotor rub are the secret thieves of speed” – John Hall.

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