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 Vee Tire Co. is proud to announce the signing of 17-year-old downhill and enduro sensation Luke Meier-Smith effective immediately. Luke will be exclusively riding Vee’s collection of gravity tires which includes our Flow line in a variety of sizes, knob patterns and compounds including the highly praised Snap WCE with Top40 compound.

Check out this video of Luke in action.

Video link:

Hailing from Comboyne, New South Wales, Australia, Meier-Smith follows in the footsteps of legends and fellow countrymen Sam Hill, Jared Graves and Troy Bosnan, all of whom he cites as inspirations.

Meier-Smith specializes in both enduro and downhill. His top 2018 results came from Crankworx Whistler in the 15 to 16 age category where he finished 1st in Garbanzo DH, 2nd in Dual Slalom, 3rd in A-line and 4th in Canadian Open DH. This year in conjunction with the EWS series, he is focusing on the World Cup downhill series as a Junior with an eye towards a podium finish at the World Championships later this year in Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada.

He started off his 2019 World Cup downhill campaign with a 4th at the opening round in Fort William, Scotland, and 7th at the next round in Leogang, Austria. He began his EWS season with a 17th at the EWS Shimano Enduro Tasmania in the under 21 class this March.

“It’s an honor to be working with Luke. The team at Vee is highly invested in World Cup racing as a means of research and development to make a better consumer product and it’s especially rewarding when we can help a young talent within that process,” Vee Tire’s Marketing Manager Mike Cushionbury said. “We’re excited about the future with Luke and what he will bring to the sport.”



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