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Unior's Electric Bike Stand Does Everything But Build the Bike 9

Unior introduces improvements to their Electric Repair Stand 1693EL, as well as a full line of next-level accessories.

Unior's Electric Repair Stand 1693EL has quickly became the workhorse of the modern workshop. It makes working on any bike easier, faster, safer and enables technicians to focus on what they do best more efficiently. The new version has been improved from top to bottom boasting updates including:

  • Master shop repair clamp 1693.1M is now a standard feature on all electric repair stands (more about the clamp below).
  • A one-piece, heavy-duty column provides great stability and lifting strength while also holds all wires on the inside, away from sight and work area.
  • Endless height adjust with option to raise or lower a bike automatically with just the push of a button.
  • Automatically stops when bike touches the ground plus travel adjust limiters limit the travel so the arm always stops at the desired height.
  • Electric Repair Stand 1693EL
  • Electric Repair Stand 1693EL-110 (input voltage 110V)

Master Shop Repair Clamp 1693.1M

Unior's latest and most sophisticated repair clamp to date comes standard on their Electric Repair Stand.

  • The design enables the jaws to open and close parallel to each other and thus clamp the bike gently and securely in place.
  • Thanks to the round shape of the clamping jaws, clamping force is distributed evenly around the clamping area, and only 5 cm of exposed seat post is required for clamping.
  • Ergonomically shaped rotating handle allows precise control of the clamping force.
  • Master Shop Repair Clamp 1693.1M

Additional Accessories

Unior is also offering multiple accessories to pair with your Electric Repair Stand aimed at making wrenching on bikes easier and more efficient. Add on additions include:

Remote Control 

Easily operate stand from anywhere in your work space - Remote Control Set 1693EL.20

Height Extension Kit 

Raises overall height of stand up to 25cm for taller individuals - Height Extension Kit 1693EL.11

Tool Tray 

Using a foldable arm allows tools to be readily available and accessible. Tray can also be mounted to stand column - Tool Tray With Foldable Arm 1693EL.5 / Tool Tray With Foldable Arm 1693EL.7

Tablet and Laptop Mounts 

Keep either your tablet or laptop on hand to keep track of work orders, research parts or watch tech videos. Mounts offered in both fixed or foldable arm styles - Laptop Holder With Foldable Arm 1693EL.2 / Frame Mount Tablet Holder 1693EL.6 NEW (fixed)

Small Parts Organizer

Keep track of bolts, washers and any other small parts in both fixed or foldable arm mounts - Small Parts Organizer With Foldable Arm 1693EL.3 / Frame Mount Holder For Small Parts Organizer 1693EL.9 (fixed)

Paper Towel Holder

Frame mounted paper towel holder for quick clean ups - Frame Mount Paper Towel Holder 1693EL.8

For more information on all the tools that Unior produces, head over to


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