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U.S.-Made REEB Cycles Launches 2020 Line 7

Jeff Lenosky's signature bike, an updated 29er trail rig, and a klunker are all gems among REEB's all-new 2020 bike line.

REEB Cycles is stoked to announce the complete 2020 line-up of updated and new core bike models. Led by the totally re-designed and re-focused SQWEEB v3 full suspension 29er and the brand new Jeff Lenosky signature ReDikyelous hardtail the entire line is re-designed, tested and hand built in Lyons, CO.

The SQWEEB v3 is an Aluminum, 29-inch wheel, suspension bike that is Barn Built in the USA. Utilizing a modular shock mount, the frame can be configured as 130mm travel or 150mm travel without changing rear end geometry. Truly tunable to handle long days in the saddle, exploring above treeline, sending it at the bike park, or racing against the clock. Its progressive geometry and playful feel have been developed over the years to deliver the perfect mix of tunability, trustability, and funability in everything from steep rocky terrain to smooth twisty singletrack, regardless of your ability.

Jeff Lenosky’s signature ReDikyelous hardtail is longer, slacker, lower and more maneuverable than any hardtail we’ve ever offered. Dreamt up from a storied career of technical singletrack, bike parks, jumps, and urban shredding; Jeff designed his dream rig to be the ultimate, stranded on a deserted island, multi-tool 29er hardtail.

The Hooptie is our way of paying respect to the OG pioneers and their Klunker-style bikes that started it all. It’s what you want when you feel like a million bucks but only have twenty in your pocket, and it’s going toward a sixer of Dale’s Pale Ale and a couple of Blue Dream pre-rolls. It’s a no-frills, barn built 4130 Chromoly steel, 29-inch mountain bike designed with modern geometry to fit modern(ish) bike parts.

Spring days spent digging and riding the Oskar Blues REEB Ranch with its slopestyle-esque and flowing pump tracks inspired REEB’s 26-inch Destroyer Dirt Jumper. The updated Destroyer’s short chainstays create the quick & flickable rear end while the DJ inspired tubeset is a mix of CroMoly and VariWall ThermlX tubing, which means it’s 100% American Made. New in 2020, the dropouts are laser cut locally while we keep the frame 100% Barn Built in Lyons, CO.

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