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Press Release: Trek World Racing DH Team to Race Bontrager Tires 6

World’s top-ranked DH team to race on newly-developed G4 models and G-Mud.
Waterloo, WI - Bontrager announced today that they will be the exclusive tire provider for the 2012 Trek World Racing gravity squad, the world’s top ranked downhill team, led by DH phenom and 2011 World Cup overall champion Aaron Gwin. The team will ride the all-new Bontrager G-Mud and G4, a tire already earning rave reviews from the gravity world.

“I’m stoked on the new tires,” said Trek World Racing’s Aaron Gwin. “I’ve gotten to ride them a fair bit now and they feel like everything I need to win races. Tires are a key part to my race bikes and I think we nailed it with the new line.”
The addition of the new DH tires represents a full adoption of the Bontrager tire family by the Trek World Racing team as the cross-country riders have ridden Bontrager’s X-series since the team’s inception. Trek World Racing is part of a major push by the components brand’s mission to develop the world’s best line of off-road tires, a move that included hiring legendary tire designer Frank Stacey, who will be working closely with the team to develop the Bontrager tire line.
"Our current G4 downhill tire has been at retailers for a few months now and is getting amazing reviews,” said Stacey. “The TWR team feels the G4 will be a big advantage for cornering and braking traction. We've also tested the rolling resistance versus competitors and it rolls so much faster. This allows the riders to carry their momentum easier during race runs, which is crucial at the top level of World Cup racing."
Going into 2012, Stacey will be working closely with the team to refine the current tire designs, as well as develop new treads for the wide-ranging race conditions Trek World Racing will encounter in the World Cup.
ABOUT BONTRAGER - Bontrager makes world-class bicycle wheels, components, apparel, and accessories. The company got its start in Keith Bontrager’s garage, where the legendary iconoclast built his own bike parts to satisfy his commitment to engineering logic and real-world performance. Bontrager is owned and operated by Trek Bicycle in Waterloo, WI. For more information, visit


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