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The Fuji Auric LT is the Enduro Machine You’ve Been Waiting For 12

Fuji introduces its big-travel Auric LT, a bike that is ready for the racecourse and your local trails.

We tasked ourselves with creating the most capable mountain bike ever. After three years of rigorous testing on the Enduro World Series circuit, we nailed it with the Fuji Auric LT.

This do-it-all bike is the trail machine that you’ve been looking for, at a price that leaves room for you to cash in on a bike park pass for a whole year! We combined 170mm of front suspension and 160mm of MLink™ travel with progressive geometry to create an aggressive bike that is ready to tackle gnarly descents, but wide-range gearing and 27.5-inch wheels to help riders climb efficiently back to the top. 

We considered all the details to really make this bike check all the boxes for the adrenaline junkie mountain biker- a tapered head tube, boost spacing, room for big tires, and even space to fit a large water bottle!

Don’t write the Auric LT off as just a downhill rig, even though it has aggressive geometry it is surprisingly versatile. It rides like a monster truck when you point it downhill, but when the road picks back up it is super capable and smooth.

The Auric LT is race-proven, too! Fuji Factory rider Amy Morrison won the 2019 US Enduro National Championships and both EWS North American Continental stops on her Auric LT. She’ll be racing the Auric LT again this year, but with a rad National Championship paint job that we can’t wait to show you! 

US National Enduro Champion Amy Morrison racing her Fuji LT.

Overall, the Auric LT is a seriously fast, efficient, and cost-friendly bike starting at $3,299, that won’t hold you back on any terrain. You’ll be stoked sending it in the bike park and be equally happy on a three hour trail ride, we think this just might be your favorite new bike.  

Want one of your own? We’re giving away a Made Rad by Tony Fuji Auric. Enter to win here!


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