The $2,699 DH BIKE - NEW YT TUES AL 22

Only $2,699 USD, in two colors and available in sizes S to XXL, meet the new YT TUES AL, your ticket to re-thinking buying a DH bike again.


YTjust dropped the news that their new TUES DH bike (launched in carbon earlier this year) is now available in aluminum with a shockingly (but not shockingly) low price tag of just $2,699 USD. The TUES AL (aluminum) has the same geometry and build features as their carbon version, including the slick one-sided linkage hardware interface. Coming in yellow and black or grey and black color options, any size complaints should be snuffed out with five offerings from Small to XXL. YT sent us the press release with all the excited text about race DNA and Freeride attitude but we'll cut to the chase because you all know the drill - you know Gwin has helped develop and race the new TUES while Zink and Andreu huck it. This is a metal version of the same bike with an affordable build. Ready?

The geometry is spot-on for a modern DH bike and the average human should have the luxury of picking a size that fits their riding style by going a little shorter or a little longer, but still within an acceptable range of comfort. At least that's what YT hopes with the various reach choices.

Aside from the aluminum frame (and the obvious and still somewhat controversial direct-to-consumer business model), the build spec on the TUES AL is how the price stays so low. We're still, like, "but really? THAT low?" A likely scenario for many Vital readers would be that this YT TUES is the first DH bike purchase since like 2009. Most of you realized that you ride a DH bike a small handful of times per year and the big-dollar investment in a seldom-used whip just isn't worth it anymore. Now, with the new TUES, the lower-dollar investment might be worth it, so you pull the trigger. You're then probably heading to Whistler for a week with the thousands of dollars you saved so you can use this new downhill bike (we know, we used that money-saved-it's-road-trip-time concept before).

Thankfully, none of the parts on this $2700 complete should keep you sidelined, sadly sipping Molson golden at the GLC, due to detonation after your first Whistler lap. Impressively, YT specced a FOX 40 fork from the "Performance Elite" series (basically the Factory fork minus the Kashima coated stanchions) while the Vanilla coil shock is from the "Performance" series which means less adjustment and heavier, less-blingy materials. The brakes are TRP, the wheels e*thirteen, the drivetrain a combo of SRAM GX and e*thirteen - all capable. The Race Face Chester 35 cockpit ain't bad either, and the Chester cranks will suffice for now. Everything should survive and take the hits while you re-learn the capabilities of a true DH steed and also scheme about how you're going to upgrade the bike and take on racing again as you ride the Fitzsimmons lift for another run.

None of the build on the YT TUES AL is terribly sexy or light but it has that blue-collar-hard-work ethic about it and your bank account likes hard work more than sexy these days anyway. Speaking of blue collar, hard work (Gwin used to dig ditches for a living), the most exciting parts of the build are the Onza Aquila tires. Gwin designed them and has proven these tires perform in almost any condition. We all know tires make or break bike performance and there's a good chance most will be trying these treads for the first time if they buy the bike. An added bonus, we feel. YT claims the small TUES AL is 37.9 pounds without pedals. What's the large going to run? 40, 41 pounds? For $2700, we feel that's satisfactory even with potential accuracy fluctuation. 

Gwin does the bike-development talking when the carbon bike was launched earlier this year. The TUES AL shares the same geometry and frame features. Iceman2058

At the time of this posting, the YT site is saying the bikes will be available on November 21, 2018, but pre-orders are available now and size Smalls are not yet available in the yellow paint job.

YT's USA site inventory, Sept 12, 2018.

This could be you.

If you want one, get one.

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