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Telemetry on Stock Bikes: Mondraker Introduces MIND 6

An integrated telemetry system for perfect suspension set-up and subsequent analyses through the "myMondraker" app.

Mondraker is breaking away from the the age-old way of using “feel” to set up your suspension thanks to our revolutionary “MIND” technology, an exclusive and easily understood telemetry system which takes your bike’s handling to the next level. Without a doubt it represents a watershed moment in the future of suspension set-up and the subsequent experience for the rider, allowing you to analyse the data obtained from your ride on the myMondraker app.

Mondraker would like to introduce MIND, the world’s first fully integrated telemetry device for mountain bikes. MIND is a user friendly system which allows anyone to make the most of both the front and back suspension of their Mondraker mountain bike.

After more than three years of development, Mondraker’s top of the range bikes the Foxy Carbon and Crafty Carbon, will incorporate the discrete hardware which makes up the MIND system, thus offering our riders, even the ones with no training on how suspension really works, the possibility to set up their suspension perfectly with the help of the myMondraker app, also presented here today. With MIND and myMondraker working together the rider has all the tools necessary to set their suspension up perfectly even without any prior knowledge of suspension adjustment. Thanks to MIND anyone can find the best possible set-up for their bike, thus unlocking the full potential of their suspension and giving them more fun, more speed and more flow!


For the last two decades Mondraker has been one of the most influential international brands in mountain bike innovation. The ZERO suspension system which was designed for top level effectiveness has proved its mettle in international competition from the day of its inception. We then followed that up with FORWARD GEOMETRY thus setting a new benchmark and leading what today has come to be seen as standard in progressive mountain bike geometry.

Now, once again, the World Champion brand sets the bar even higher with its MIND technology, offering market leading tech to the end user regardless of their skill level. This technology, so far only aimed at pros, will now be available to anyone to enjoy in a simple to use and easy to understand package.


MIND allows the rider, regardless of their experience or skillset, to quickly and accurately adjust their suspension’s sag with the help of the myMondraker app, or just by following the code on the device’s LED screen which will tell them if they need to increase or decrease the preload (air pressure) on their fork or shock. Using the myMondraker app on their smartphone the user can follow the on screen instructions and make changes to all of the adjustments including preload, compression and rebound according to their weight and riding style.

MIND is made up of four wireless components: The main hardware unit is discretely hidden inside the steerer tube and includes the front sensor which in turn reads the strength of the magnetic field given out by the magnet placed on the top of the fork legs. At the back of the bike there’s a small sensor fixed to the top linkage of the Zero suspension system which works in conjunction with a magnet fixed to the main pivot point. These two sensors working together send all the information to the myMondraker app once you’ve finished your ride. It’s worth noting that every bike is set up differently depending on its characteristics and each and every MIND unit is unique and non-transferable, being linked to the bike’s serial number upon production.

Throughout each ride, regardless of whether it’s a downhill or a tech climb, every single bump, however tiny it is, is detected by the MIND sensors and the data recorded, millisecond by millisecond and millimeter by millimeter of suspension travel, whether the bike is on the ground or in the air (more info further on). This is how the system compiles all the suspension performance data throughout your ride for subsequent analysis and optimization.

What’s more, the MIND system incorporates a GPS unit independent from that in your phone and which won’t use up your data or battery, which gives precise geolocation data to the system at all times. Thanks to this a wealth of data critical to your ride such as average speed, total distance, time and elevation gain are recorded and can be seen afterwards on the myMondraker app which can be downloaded free for the iOS and/or Android operating systems. 

Another cool, key aspect of MIND is that’s capable of detecting and recording each and every jump you make on the bike, calculating your speed, length and overall time in the air as well as the maximum suspension travel used at each end of the bike when you land. Combining that info with the built-in GPS, MIND overlays this data onto detailed maps showing exactly when and where you were in the air.

MIND has separate batteries in the components found at the front and back ends of the bike which allow for data acquisition for over 20 hours continuous run time and more than 15 days on standby. This data is automatically sent to the myMondraker app after each ride, which means you don’t need to take your phone with you on your ride if you don’t want to. The overall weight of the four wireless components which make up the MIND system is only 199 grams.

The detailed data made available by MIND and the myMondraker app are the key to being able to go faster and to send it harder. Want to compare lines on a downhill? MIND gives you all the info you need to decide whether to take the left line or the right. Bottoming out after landing a jump? MIND tells you where, when and how it happened and shows you whether you need to improve your technique or adjust your suspension settings for the next time around. MIND means that you have an accessible, foolproof, sure-fire way to achieve the absolute best performance from your bike and with it absolutely the most fun possible. From now on riders can take the guesswork out of their suspension settings and dial their rides in thanks to real and accurate data.

In short the combined efforts of MIND and myMondraker provide riders with perfect suspension setup, but what’s more is that they provide a unique, highly detailed after-ride experience, graphically showing how the suspension worked throughout the day down to the finest detail, simply put: technology which was inexistent until today.


myMondraker´s users can upload their rides to Strava and even share their performance data on Facebook. What’s more they can register their guarantee, get in touch directly with their favourite Mondraker dealer and keep up to date with the latest news from the brand.

Not satisfied by “only” offering perfect bike performance, MIND and the myMondraker app have a built-in alarm and antitheft system. Subsequent to the alarm going off, if the bike is moved the user will receive a warning on their smartphone and if it turns out the bike is being stolen the app will help the user track its position. Users can also access all the same info on their PC that they can get through the smartphone app through the web page thus taking advantage of the bigger screen to see all the data from their rides. Moreover this will give them an even greater amount of data in more detail and with greater precision on the map and through the graphs visible on screen. This way the experience offered to the user by MIND and myMondraker isn’t just the perfect operation of their suspension during the ride but also the wealth of information available to play with afterwards.

So here’s Mondraker’s goal: We want MIND to simplify suspension setup for everyone, regardless of how tech savvy they are, based on data and not guesswork.

Luís Martínez, Mondraker’s Global Product Manager, says:

“Offering World Cup technology to non-professional riders is our target. It’s been an uphill struggle to develop an integrated system which offers simple and comprehensible data for all types of rider but we’ve done it. Obtaining real information from one of the least understood parts of a bike will allow our riders to unlock the full potential of their bikes. Our unwavering aim is to make Mondraker riders better riders.”

Miguel Pina, CEO of Mondraker, says:

“We’re truly excited about MIND because from now on we’ll be pedalling with a full-blown telemetry system built into our bikes. Regardless of how we feel on each ride we can now compare these feelings with real data and that’s priceless! I’m even more excited that everyone who rides a Mondraker will from now on be able to enjoy the benefits of a properly set up bike. When I’m riding in the mountains I see a lot of badly set up bikes and that won’t happen with MIND! Each and every rider, regardless of their skills set, fitness will be able to set their suspension up quickly and easily. To sum up, all MIND users will achieve two things: more speed and more fun.”

Initially MIND technology will only be built into the 2021 performance Mondrakers – the Foxy Carbon and Crafty Carbon range – available exclusively in Europe (including the UK and Switzerland). We are however looking forward to offering each and every cyclist the MIND experience; Mondraker plans to implement the system throughout a broad range of XC, DH, Enduro and Trail models over the next few years.

The Foxy Carbon 2021 and the Crafty Carbon 2021 with built in MIND hardware will be available through official Mondraker distributors.

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About Mondraker

Mondraker is an independent brand specializing in mountain bikes from Alicante, Spain. Mondraker produces high performance bikes which have been proven at the highest level of competition: Winners of both the downhill World Cup and the downhill World Championship with the MS Mondraker team brandishing the Summum Carbon, and competing to the higest level in XC with the PMX Racing team showcasing the F-Podium Carbon RR . Throughout our 20 years of competition, design and fabrication we’ve developed the know-how and experience to create true “competition bikes for everyday use”, the very same bikes our professional racers use. We’ve never been scared to innovate and take risks, but we keep ourselves focussed on what matters the most: Making Mondraker bikes feel great on the ground.


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