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Team W-Racing Joins Öhlins Suspension and Specialized Bicycles 2

The Wallner Brothers have been managing their own race program for a few years, and they've always done a great job both in terms of results and also in terms of sharing their stoke with the rest of the world. We are excited to see them on a more solid foundation for 2014, after partnering with Öhlins suspension and Specialized bicycles. W-racing will serve as R&D and development-team for Öhlins, and that should of course in turn provide the Wallner brothers with support to match their ambitions. And we can't help but being excited if this means that Öhlins has plans for more product for mountain biking in the future too.

Before getting into the information below, check out the first W-Racing edit of 2014. Niklas and Robin ride on snow like it was just another single!

Press release:

"Öhlins Racing AB are very excited to take yet another step into the MTB DH world. W-Racing will be a valued partner for us during the 2014 season and will play a key role in further development and testing of our MTB DH products. This partnership will also provide our R&D team invaluable feedback for future product developments in this segment.We wish W-Racing a successful season 2014."
- Torkel Sintorn, Manager Offroad and MTB R&D.

This came as very welcome news after one of the rougher seasons in terms of material for our team. To be in this position, on an already competitive bike and backed up by a motivated crew of engineers working together with us to make the bikes even better is simply amazing for us.

We are also very happy to welcome Hanssonbil/Peugeot back together with other long-term partners of our program.

Our focus will be mainly on downhill with the 2014 World Championships in Norway as the goal of the season. Our schedule will also consist of selected Enduro races and other events around Europe.

"We have been riding the new bikes for a little bit and even in the freezing conditions up north it feels like switching up to a Ferrari" says Niklas. Niklas ended 2013 with his best ever world cup results with a 16th in Hafjell, Norway and a 25th place qualifier in Leogang, Austria and he looks forward to carrying this momentum into 2014.

"I am so happy to be given the chance to ride bikes like this and getting to work with such great and professional people. I feel like this has given new motivation and a drive to make the most possible out of the opportunity. I look forward to rolling into the startgate with one hundred percent confidence in my bike and equipment!" said Robin.

Back for 2014 is junior rider Marcus Hansson. Having ended his season early in 2013 by breaking his pelvis while training for the World Cup in Norway, he is now back and looking at Hafjell Worldchampionships as his goal for 2014.

"I learned so much from Robin and Niklas last year and with a bit of experience, great bikes and a healthy body I feel ready for the season to start off!"

Be sure to check in at for the latest news, videos and photos during the season!

A big thank you to all the team sponsors for making it happen and giving us the chance to go racing at the highest level.


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