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Tannus Wants to Change Everything You Know of Tire Inserts 11

Tannus introduces a lighter, faster, easier tubeless tire insert.

Tannus Wants to Change Everything You Know of Tire Inserts

Tannus has developed a tubeless insert to add to its Armour line, built for riders looking for the highest-performing tire and rim protection for their tubeless setups.

Downhill and freeride pro Reece Wallace explains the features of the new tubeless insert

“This is the hardest project we’ve ever done,” said Youngki Lee, Head Engineer of Tannus Tires. “The market for tubeless inserts has serious competition, so we had to design something that we believe is truly a better solution than those currently available.”

Armour’s winged shape provides for a smooth but active ride feel that’s not overly damped

Insights for the tubeless insert come from Tannus’s original Armour insert, which uses tubes to give the insert its shape. The tubed version continues, with the tubeless insert giving a new option for more riders.

Armour Tubeless’ shape blends both an in-rim and free floating design, hooking into the rim bed while arching up and into the main chamber of the tire. Since the insert doesn’t need to sit flush against the rim, Armour is easier to install than the competition, with a five-minute average install time.


Ride Feel

Armour has 50% more vibration damping than major competitors in small bump compliance, but in mid-sized to large hits, Armour creates a protected while not overly damped feel. Tannus athletes said one thing they didn’t like about other inserts was the “dead” feeling that thick shapes create, so the new Armour design acts more like a spring than a punching bag. It absorbs hits, but doesn’t eliminate trail feel. 

The tubeless Armour’s wings also give sidewall support for optimal cornering feel, while not overly stiffening sidewalls and impeding traction.


Material and Weight

Armour uses a new version of Tannus’s proprietary Aither 1.1 foam technology and weighs 150 grams, lighter than many other premium tire inserts. The development team took over two years to create a tough, impact absorbing and active substrate that can be molded into the desired shape while being light enough for downhill, all-mountain and trail riders alike.



Testing found that the tubeless Armour decreased rolling resistance and improved small bump compliance, making Armour three percent faster in the lab than a traditional tubeless system. 


  • 150 grams (equivalent to a tube)
  • 5-minute installation
  • $50 per insert
  • Two sizes available: 27.5-inch x 2.1,  2.6-inch & 29-inch x 2.1 - 2.6-inch
  • 3% faster than tubeless in rolling resistance testing
  • Winged structure for sidewall support and active ride feel
  • Aither 1.1 proprietary foam technology

About Tannus

Tannus Tires is the world’s number one brand of airless tires and is an innovator of tire inserts. Founded in 2011, Tannus has sold more than one million units and has grown to 37 countries. Tannus athletes range from European Championship medalists and international track teams to global tourers and World Cup downhill mountain bike racers.

Tannus Armour is available at


View key specs, compare products, and rate Armour Tubeless in the Vital MTB Product Guide.

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Tannus Tannus 8/4/2020 10:36 PM

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Are there any holes through the body of the insert? To drain the sealant from the rim to the tyre (over the tread) and back? You need it in both spots, on the tread to fill holes and on the rim to seal the bead.

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Sorry, can't reply to the other question for some reason. I had a string of bad luck with Stan's, so I've been using Orange Seal exclusively for the past couple years. I'm sure I'll get around to trying the newer Race sealant eventually, but it's a tough sell when Orange just works.

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Good to know, it is much more expensive than Stans as far as I can see (about double the price once heavily discounted), but if it works...

Too bad you told me about now, I just made an order and had it shipped a few days ago from the store that stocks it. And it was the second order in two weeks 😂

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Ah shoot, dang it! Like Tannus said earlier, there’s holes every 6” to let the sealant out. I swapped out a tire last Saturday and all the remaining sealant was in the tire itself, and the insert doesn’t absorb sealant. I doing know if the ARD does or not, but hopefully between these two factors you don’t find any Stanimals!

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Ah, just 2020 things, buying things online, among other "adventures" has been interesting to put it lightly 😁

Absorbing wise it's been OK actually. Only the Stanimals are an issue, at least a much worse issue than not running an insert.

Thanks anyways!

Yes, there are holes every 6 inches across the top of the insert that allow sealant to pass from the inner chamber to the outer. They work great!

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No problems with clogging?

Are there any problems with latex in the sealant clumping up? My Nukeproof ARD causes all the latex of the Stan's sealant to clump together in a week...

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I've been on them for about 6 months, (left a full review in the product section) and I'd say no more clumping than normal. I use Orange Seal Endurance, and after swapping out a tire last week there was a healthy amount of sealant left, to my surprise. The Endurance formula seems to last quite a while.

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