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TRP Releases New DH Products and Enters the Drivetrain Category 1

TRP is set for the 2019 World Cup DH season. Learn about TRP's rider lineup, massive 223x2.3mm rotors made for 29-inch DH bikes, and get the latest update on their new drivetrain.

Maribor, Slovenia, 25th April, 2019 – With deep experience gained working alongside Aaron Gwin over the past three seasons, including support for his two most recent downhill World Cup overall titles 2016/17, TRP is proud to announce the expansion of its sponsorship roster and product range for the 2019 World Cup downhill season. TRP will proudly continue to work with Aaron Gwin and his new Intense Factory Racing Team, the YT Mob’s returning World Cup downhiller, Angel Suarez, and the Commencal/100% Team. New for 2019, TRP partners with Scott DH Factory Racing. TRP will support the following elite UCI DH teams and their athletes for the 2019 World Cup racing season:

  • Intense Factory: Aaron Gwin, Jack Moir and Neko Mulally
  • Scott DH Factory: Brendan Fairclough, Dean Lucas, Marine Cabirou and Florent Payet
  • Commencal / 100%: Thomas Estaque, Bruce Klein, Hugo Frixtalon and Antoine Rogge
  • YT Mob: Angel Suarez

TRP has a suite of new DH braking platform products and is entering the drivetrain category.

The new TRP DH-R brake is developed around a thicker 2.3mm rotor that was originally envisioned for E-bikes (TRP’s standard rotors are 1.8mm). Positive tests by Aaron Gwin and Neko Mulally at the end of the 2018 season confirmed the benefits for DH racing. An addition for 2019 is the 223/2.3mm rotor.

With the majority of TRP’s athletes using 29-inch wheeled downhill bikes, TRP brought the new 223/2.3mm rotor to meet the braking performance requirements of the larger wheels. The increased rotor width helps manage heat, resists deformation, while adding stiffness and strength. 

TRP is excited to take additional steps toward the drivetrain category. The focus remains on product testing and development with a larger group of international riders. TRP drivetrain products remain in development, thus TRP cannot offer further information regarding details to specification or availability. 

We wish all the athletes an exciting and successful race season. Stay tuned for more product updates throughout the 2019 season.


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