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Shimano Brings ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA to 6-Bolt Mounted Rotors 25

Shimano's top-end heat management technology now available for 6-bolt hubs.

OSAKA, Japan – Recognizing rider demand for better heat dissipation, Shimano introduces the long-awaited addition of a 6-bolt rotor option with ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA construction. Already proven in World Cup and EWS competitions this season with the Santa Cruz Syndicate and Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro teams, the new RT-MT905 rotor delivers massive heat management benefits without increasing rotor diameter or thickness for the ultimate in lightweight, cooling performance.

Shimano ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA rotors offer an incredible 150°C (270°F) reduction in heat build-up when compared to standard stainless-steel rotors. This allows riders to use smaller rotor options that offer greater ground clearance and lower overall weight, all while maintaining reliable, consistent braking performance under all conditions.

Earlier this year, Shimano responded to rider demand for greater heat dissipation at a high value price and added a larger 220mm stainless steel rotor option for CENTER LOCK and 6-bolthubs (SM-RT64/SM-RT66). Now, the catalog is expanded again with the new RT-MT905, allowing racers and riders requiring 6-bolt rotors to benefit from premium ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA cooling performance and run smaller rotor sizes with even better levels of heat management. Available in both 180mm and 203mm options,  the new RT-MT905 rotor delivers unprecedented cooling benefits in a 6-bolt rotor option.

RT-MT905 6-Bolt Rotors

  • 6-Bolt Mounting Type
  • Availability: Early 2022
  • Weight: 130 grams (180mm) // 170 grams (203mm)
  • MSRP: $85.99 USD (180mm) // $94.99 (203mm)

Proprietary 3-Layer Construction

An extra layer of heat protection,  ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA rotor construction uses a proprietary three-layer sandwich design with exposed radiator fin. Together with the heat dissipating paint, FREEZA rotors deliver supercooling forces for even more reliable braking performance and lighter operation in all riding conditions. ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA rotors provide consistent braking performance with longer pad life, less brake fade and noise.

  • 150°C (270°F) Overall Heat Reduction
  • 10% longer pad life (When compared to stainless steel rotors)


About Shimano North American Bicycle, Inc.

Shimano North American Bicycle, Inc., a member of Shimano North America Holdings, Inc., along with its world-renowned subsidiaries, offers consumers outstanding sport-related products and apparel. Shimano is proud of its staff, diversity in talent, interests and backgrounds. The company is an ISO14001 certified business where environmental compliance and continued improvements are part of the business philosophy and operations.


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