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Say Hello to the Specialized USA Enduro Team 3

Cody Kelley leads this talented crew into the new season.

Specialized is proud to introduce our new USA Enduro Racing Team for 2022: Cody Kelley, Max Sedlak, Porsha Murdock, Jake Keller, Jakob Snow, and mechanic Joe Binatena.

The Specialized USA ENDURO Racing Team will focus on the Big Mountain Enduro Season, North American EWS’s, California Enduro Series, NAEC, Specialized market activations, and National Championships. The first race will be at the Sea Otter Classic where the team will showcase its amazing sponsors, new race bikes, and Specialized apparel, helmets, and shoes.


Team Manager- Curtis Keene

“The last 2 years with Cody Kelley and Max Sedlak have been an awesome opportunity for us and the brand. We wanted to build off that success to keep pushing forward with the development of product and the riders. We're super proud to continue with Cody, Max and bring on Porsha Murdock, Jake Keller and Jakob Snow to the 2022/23 Program. We’ve partnered with Companies like Fox, TRP, ODI, 7IDP protection who are just as passionate as us. I’m confident in the Team and Sponsors we’ve put together for 2022/23 and what they're capable of. Lots of fun, racing and pushing the limits are in order for the future. I’m excited to see them do their thing and help them reach their fullest potential over the next couple years.”

Specialized Mountain Bike Category Leader  / ZACH ISRAEL - “The Golden Age of mountain biking is here and our commitment to the trail category has never been stronger. I'm beyond stoked to introduce our brand-new USA Enduro team to the world. Whether it's showing Cody how to turn right, chasing Porsha down the mountain, electric truck upgrades with Jake, style tips with Jacob or showing Max it actually rains all 4 seasons. I know this team is dedicated to race their hearts out but also have fun along the way. This team embodies our dedication to the mountain category and trail riders around the world.   See you on the trails. “

CODY KELLEY- Cody needs no introduction as he’s a man of many talents on any bike. He’s the veteran of the team and your current US National Champion. 2022 will be full on with his fellow teammates racing all over North America and chasing his own personal goals for the year. We’re excited to see him do his thing.

“We’ve got a fresh team with some of the best people/companies out there backing us, it’s hard to ask for much more. Just wrapped up Team Camp last week and it was a heck of time full of shenanigans and logging some good miles in the saddle. The young bucks on the squad are hungry for speed and we’re all going to push each other for sure. It’s good to have that element, keeps us all young and always looking for progress. I’m excited to see what we can all accomplish throughout the next two years. Also, looking forward to working with our Team Partners. Some of the best suspension out there paired up with some of the best brakes is pretty dreamy. Let’s go racing! “

MAX SEDLAK- Laguna Beach, CA born and raised, Max is now on his 3rd team with Specialized. With multiple podiums in 2021 in Pro and a huge win at the NAEC Kellogg, Idaho, he’s just getting started. 

“The 2022 Specialized US team is unreal! Our talent is incredible and the chemistry is unmatched. We are constantly pushing one another to perform at the highest level which will undoubtedly translate into great results. Also, our setups are dialed. We will be demanding a lot from our equipment but that doesn’t make me nervous at all as we’re on the best products in the world. Feeling confident and excited to get this season started!”

JAKE KELLER- New to Specialized in 2022 and from Granite Bay, CA, Jake Keller had a great 2021 season with multiple wins over the season, catching the attention of many people and companies.

“Bringing Jake on board just seemed right for so many reasons besides talent. He instantly gels well with the Team and brings another dynamic personality.” Curtis Keene

“I'm pretty amped to be on the team for the 22' and 23' seasons! Team camp was a blast! It was pretty damn fun showing everyone around my local trails and testing product for the upcoming season. I'm also really excited to be working with all the team sponsors this year. Bike hauls the mail and turns heads anywhere we go! “

PORSHA MURDOCK- From Bend, Oregon Porsha  has been on Specialized Bikes the last couple years and caught the attention of Curtis Keene a year and half ago. After many podiums in 2022/2021, Specialized is beyond excited to help her hone in that race craft and, most of all,  keep the rest of the team on their toes. She’s a weapon!

“Porsha got my attention a while ago while shuttling. She was going sooo fast and damn near dropping all of us. With some proper equipment and support we can’t wait to see what she has in store.”- Curtis Keene

“I eat trails for breakfast, and right now I am very hungry! Learning from the Team last year and now has been amazing. I can’t wait to get out there and race some bikes!“

JAKOB SNOW- A U21 racer from Carlsbad, CA, Jakob has been tearing up the U21 ranks the last few seasons. He worked with Cody, Max and Joe last year and it showed with his progression and race craft.

“The 22/23 Specialized USA team is built up by some of the best racers, people, and friends I know. I am looking forward to getting the season started, traveling and racing with the new team. I’m most excited about having TRP aboard the program these new two years. I personally have been running their brakes for years now and am excited to start working closer with them! Max or I are definitely going to owe Curtis the most amount of cash or cookies maybe even a few peanut butter snickers to top it off.“

JOE BINATENA/ Mechanic - Joe has been at Cody Kelley’s side for over 5 years now and the last 2 years with Max Sedlak. He has a long list of accomplishments with multiple championships wrenching over the years. He’ll continue helping this team with all his knowledge and guidance.

“I like helping people go fast! Working with this collection of world class athletes to aid their craft is a privilege. To top it off, working with some of the industry's top manufacturers at the pinnacle of sport is very rewarding.“

Specialized USA Enduro team is working with the following partners through the year:

  • Specialized – Frames, Tires, Shoes, Helmets, Apparel, Saddles
  • Roval – Wheels
  • TRP – Drivetrain & Brakes
  • FOX – Suspension
  • ODI Grips
  • 7IDP Knee pads


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