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In a letter from Jeremiah Dylan Dean (reprinted below), we just learned that the best thing going for USA-based downhill racers is sadly coming to an end, at least for now. While individual races may still exist as they did in years past, they won't be part of the now former USGP national series.

JDD, thanks for busting your butt for so many years! We're definitely going to miss the series.


Dear Mountain Bike Friends,

After much reflection, I have decided to postpone the US Grand Prix of Mountain Biking until further notice. I wanted to thank everyone for their continued support through my time with the Pro GRT and into the USGP of Mountain Biking. Unfortunately my plans to help rebuild the US race scene by combining downhill, enduro and other disciplines have yet to bear fruit. Although I do believe that program I developed can be and will be successful, it will have to wait until a further time.

I urge you to continue to support U.S. racing, as we will be. Until a true national caliber series can be developed and be sustainable, there are plenty of regional and local events to support.

Thank you all once again for your support. I will see you at the races!

Best regards,


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bturman bturman 10/29/2013 5:12 PM

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I'm agree with Lee, have really strong regional series and then get everyone together a few times a year for 1-3 major events (Nat Champs, Sea Otter, NA world cup round) The US is too big and the sponsorship dollars at this time are too small for a full national series that will be properly attended.

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I think the best recipe for success (if there is ever to be one) is to build on the strengths of the local and regional events. Create a 'National' Series that more closely resembles an association of several races in one region with a common points structure, and very limited number of truly national events with a more robust point structure. The US is simply too big, and the regional scene too strong to support and promote a traditional nation-wide series at this time. The old formula needs to be reconceptualized from the ground up. Good luck to anyone who dares try though, and thank you JDD for all your efforts for such little return year after year.

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JDD - thank you for your efforts to this point. I don't think anybody can question your dedication to the sport...especially at the national level.

It's obvious you're passionate about the sport. Sometimes you have to back away for a bit to be ready for the larger pushes that await. Hopefully things work out in the end!

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Thanks for the support guys. I haven't given up. Hopefully one day soon i can get the series going the way it should be. I just need a sugar mamma that'll give me a crap load of cash! haha

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